Padres Instructional League Notebook IV

PEORIA, AZ- Alvaro Aristy and Luis Domoromo were among the new additions to the Padres Instructional League on Friday. "I couldn't be happier with the play of these kids," Padres minor league field coordinator Tom Gamboa said. Surgery is coming for one top prospect.

  • Alvaro Aristy was thrown into the fire early in the morning session and his nerves were evident. Billed as a top-flight defensive player that needed a lot of work with the bat, Aristy booted his first fielding attempt on a batted ball during infield practice. Aristy scooped up the next one but tossed it into the dirt.

    After his first two miscues, Aristy settled in with graceful movements gliding across the diamond. His throws were more sidearm style, which caused some loop but his range appeared excellent.

  • The Padres worked on bunting with the whole contingent down in Peoria on Friday. Four sacrifice bunts to each side and then the squeeze bunt.

    Hitters were instructed to take a few pitches as well. With runners on the bases, it provided a chance for each runner to watch for contact before making their break towards the intended bag. On the squeeze, it was go on delivery of the pitch.

    Luis Domoromo and Aristy had troubles with the bunt. Each were slapping at the ball rather than letting the bat soften the velocity of the ball. The result was often missed bunts or contact that resulted in foul balls.

    "Once we got them using the end of the bat to deaden them, it was good," Eugene manager Greg Riddoch said.

  • Hitting coordinator Tony Muser does as much work outside the cage as when players are in the cage. He talked approach with several hitters on Friday.

    "I don't like to see a guy pull the ball down the line with two strikes," Muser noted. "That tells me he is not in the right frame of mind."

    The idea with two strikes is to protect the zone while still driving balls that a hitter can handle.

  • Jeremy McBryde, the Pitcher of the Month in August, arrived on Friday as well.

    Gamboa congratulated him on the award and asked what the difference was.

    "Throwing the changeup wherever I wanted it and whenever I wanted to," said McBryde.

    "That is the answer I wanted to hear," Gamboa returned. "Instead of hard, hard, hard, you had something to keep hitters off-balance."

  • Gamboa has been pleased with the work ethic being put forth by the 40 prospects who have been in camp.

    With specific programs instituted for each player, he feels that each the hard work is paying off.

    "You see how hard they work in our early workouts and they see the results as a byproduct of the work. The great thing is these kids are having fun and learning."

    The results are nine wins rattled off in their last 11 games. The pitching staff has worked well and the batters have come through with timely hitting.

  • Steve Garrison, whose season ended prematurely due to shoulder pain, will have surgery early next week to repair a tear in his throwing shoulder.

    Garrison had a solid season and had hoped to avoid going under the knife through rest and strengthening but the pain has not subsided. There is no timetable for the recovery process.

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