Padres Instructional League Notebook V

PEORIA, AZ- Arizona Fall League pitchers Greg Burke and Wilton Lopez joined the Padres for the morning workout on a shortened day, throwing 15 pitches apiece in a simulated game. Matt Teague, Adys Portillo, Pedro Hernandez, Tyson Bagley and Juan Herrerra also threw in the simulated game on Saturday.

  • With no duties on the Arizona Fall League side, Greg Burke and Wilton Lopez wanted to get some work in on Saturday in the form of a bullpen and some live action against hitters.

    Burke was up first versus Brad Chalk and Lance Zawadzki.

    Burke was painting the black on the outside corner with his two-seam fastball and used his slider down and in. Zawadzki was able to line a single off him but Chalk was able to reach down and notch a base hit.

    Lopez' two-seamer had impressive arm side run and was freezing both hitters. When he threw his off-speed pitches, it wasn't very fair. Zawadzki did get a weak single but Chalk was not as successful off the right-hander.

  • Matt Teague and Adys Portillo lined up against Allan Dykstra and Edinson Rincon.

    Rincon took the first pitch from Teague and lined a base hit to the opposite field. Rincon then began to dive for pitches that Teague painted outside.

    The left-hander's command was not as solid as it normally is, as Teague struggled to throw it in the zone to Dykstra.

    Dykstra, who is working on the placement of his front foot, had one nice approach on a pitch outside but did not look comfortable for most of the session.

    After Portillo's first pitch, left-hander Cory Luebke looked over and with a shake of his head simply said, ‘Sixteen.'

    His fastball showed late movement and significant pop – as if it jumped on the hitters at the last second with an extra burst. His slider had great sweeping action across the zone and down but was harder to control.

    No contact was hard off him but his command was not great either. It appeared he was overthrowing at times and losing out some of his mechanics.

    Teague came back for another 15 pitches on his final day before returning home. No one was able to notch hard contact off him but he remained a tad wild.

  • Pedro Hernandez faced off with Danny Payne and Jeudy Valdez during his session.

    The left-hander flashed a solid changeup and terrific curveball but his fastball command was inconsistent.

    After flailing on a curveball, Payne waited on the next curveball and went down to line a single to right during a hit-and-run execution.

    Valdez had trouble waiting on the pitch to get deep and was out in front of most pitches – even the ones on the outside corner.

    Hitting coordinator routinely reminded him of going with the pitch and hitting those outside pitches the other way but Valdez did not conform on Saturday.

  • Tyson Bagley and Juan Herrera were up next to take on Yefri Carvajal and Emmanuel Quiles.

    Bagley was dominant in his first session with Carvajal, keeping the outfielder guessing with solid fastballs on the outer half and a slider that dove down in the zone rather than sweeping across and down.

    Given a hit-and-run to execute, Quiles didn't swing at the first pitch – earning chastisement from Muser. Given the same assignment on the next pitch, Quiles took an outside fastball and drilled it the other way, earning an "outstanding" from Muser.

    Bagley tossed two changeups but neither was very good. Both came in too hard, were up in the zone and had little movement.

    Herrerra was a little scary during his warmup. His fastball was up and in, as command was not evident at all.

    When the batters got into the box, the fastball command was not much better, despite solid velocity and the best sound entering the mitt.

    His curveball, on the other hand, was downright dirty. After sending Carvajal into a corkscrew on one such hook, catcher Robert Lara stated, "That was a great pitch right there."

    Herrera also showed a nice feel for the changeup but the fastball remained erratic through the session.

  • Aaron Breit and Michael Watt threw bullpens on Saturday without hitters in the box.

    Breit was showing off his curveball and changeup and came away happy with his session. Watt was feeling much better about his session than how he threw on Thursday.

    "My curveball was much better today than it was the other day," Watt said.

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