Padres Prospect Interview: Evan Scribner

San Diego Padres prospect Evan Scribner has continued the success from his time in the Diamondbacks system. Traded for big leaguer Tony Clark, he has made an instant impression with a new lease on life.

You get traded from the Diamondbacks to the Padres for Tony Clark. What kind of surprise was that?

Evan Scribner: It was a big surprise. I had no idea. They called me in the morning and talked about trading me for Tony Clark – the plane left in a couple of hours. I said bye to everybody and met a new team the same day.

You get traded for a big leaguer. That has to mean something to you?

Evan Scribner: Everybody said that getting traded for a big leaguer is always a good thing.

I feel like with the Diamondbacks I was a 28th-rounder and nothing special. If he does good, he does good and we will move him up. I feel like they care more here (with San Diego) since they traded me for a big league guy.

You go out to the California League and the Storm after seeing some action with Visalia and continued to follow up on the success you had in the Diamondbacks system. What worked so well for you this year?

Evan Scribner: I had a good curveball and a good fastball. That is pretty much all I used. I probably threw 10 or 12 changeups all year. Throw the curveball for strikes and fastballs to both sides of the plate. That is all I had to do.

You went to the Instructional League – was there something specific that the Padres wanted you to work on?

Evan Scribner: The changeup. It is a pitch I would probably use mostly to lefties – but it is to have another pitch in case they want me throwing more innings, starting or whatever. It could be that I need it in Double-A – whatever is down the road. It is good to have it.

What is the challenge with perfecting the changeup?

Evan Scribner: I don't know. I have been screwing around with it for a while – even in college because I was a starter back then. It is just inconsistent. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. Since I haven't thrown it – it has been bad. Every once and a while I do have it and I am trying to build off that.

You had one mistake when I got to see you in Instructs – what was the pitch?

Evan Scribner: It was a fastball. At that time, I didn't think I was coming to Instructs and went home for a week. I was shutdown and was a little shaky trying to find my mechanics early on.

You come out a little bit three-quarters. Is it tough to get that arm slot consistent?

Evan Scribner: I don't really think about it. I feel like I throw (overhand). I know it is down but it feel like it is (overhand) because you have to get on top so much to get the downward plane. I know it is (three-quarters) but I try and get on top as much as I can. I don't really think about the arm slot.

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