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Each year, interviews the top San Diego Padres prospects within the system and talks to the managers and coaches to get the latest news on player development in the quest to find big league talent. Here is a look at all the players and coaches we have interviewed from the start of 2008 through January of 2009.

Here you will find all of the latest EXCLUSIVE interviews that has conducted with San Diego Padres' prospects and players within the system at all levels, including the big league club, Portland Beavers, San Antonio Missions, Mobile BayBears (pre-2007), Lake Elsinore Storm, Fort Wayne TinCaps (formerly known as the Wizards pre-2009), Eugene Emeralds and Arizona Rookie League (AZL) Padres. This also includes the Padres' front office personnel and managers.

2009 Interviews
Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Portland pitching coach) Interview 1/1/09
Sawyer Carroll Interview 1/17/09
Mike Couchee (roving pitching coordinator) Interview 1/21/09
Doug Dascenzo (Fort Wayne manager) Interview 1/9/09
Jaff Decker Interview 1/5/09
Tim Hagerty (Portland broadcaster) Interview 1/23/09
Terry Kennedy (San Antonio hitting coach) Interview 1/6/09
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Padres manager) Interview 1/13/09
Matt Latos Interview 1/14/09
Carlos Lezcano (Lake Elsinore manager) Interview 1/7/09
Mike Maahs (Fort Wayne broadcaster) Interview 1/19/09
Matt McCabe (Eugene broadcaster) Interview 1/17/09
Sean McCall (Lake Elsinore broadcaster) Interview 1/20/09
Bronswell Patrick (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 1/14/09
Stu Paul (San Antonio broadcaster) Interview 1/22/09
Eric Peyton (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 1/10/09
Adys Portillo Interview 1/19/09
Gary Poynter Interview 1/24/09
Dave Rajsich (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/16/09
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 1/4/09
Bob Skube (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 1/12/09
Matt Teague Interview 1/24/09
Tom Tornicasa (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 1/17/09
Michael Watt Interview 1/8/09
Steve Webber (San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 1/23/09
Wally Whitehurst (former Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/22/09

2008 Interviews
Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Missions pitching coach) Interview 1/11/08
Glenn Abbott (Beavers pitching coach) Interview 6/2/08
Glenn Abbott Interview 8/8/08
Paul Abraham Interview 5/26/08
Paul Abraham Interview 7/2/08
Mike Adams Interview 6/5/08
Andrew Albers Draft Interview 6/11/08
Andrew Albers Draft Interview 6/18/08
Chip Ambers Interview 5/7/08
Dean Anna Interview 9/7/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 4/13/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 4/24/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 5/12/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 8/27/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 10/13/08
Dylan Axelrod Interview 4/19/08
Manny Ayala Interview 6/16/08
Manny Ayala Interview 9/2/08
Tyson Bagley Interview 7/17/08
Tyson Bagley Interview 9/13/08
Anthony Bass Draft Interview 6/7/08
Anthony Bass Interview 9/15/08
Adam Bass Interview 6/28/08
Justin Baum Interview 7/22/08
Mike Baxter Interview 4/14/08
Bud Black Interview 12/9/08
Kyle Blanks Interview 5/5/08
Brad Brach Interview 6/27/08
Tom Bradley (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 8/19/08
Tom Bradley Interview 12/15/08
Aaron Breit Interview 7/23/08
Cooper Brannan Interview 6/18/08
Greg Burke Interview 8/31/08
Matt Buschmann Interview 5/8/08
Matt Buschmann Interview 9/3/08
Shane Buschini Interview 5/23/08
Shane Buschini Interview 6/14/08
Matt Bush Interview 5/14/08
Matt Bush Interview 12/18/08
Mitch Canham Interview 4/21/08
Felix Carrasco Interview 8/20/08
Cesar Carrillo Interview 4/9/08
Sawyer Carroll Draft Interview 6/10/08
Sawyer Carroll Interview 7/8/08
Sawyer Carroll Interview 9/16/08
Yefri Carvajal Interview 8/18/08
Simon Castro Interview 9/8/08
Brad Chalk Interview 7/12/08
Brad Chalk Interview 8/21/08
Peter Ciofrone Interview 6/29/08
Peter Ciofrone Interview 8/22/08
Matt Clark Interview 8/22/08
Matt Clark Interview 10/20/08
Jason Codiroli Draft Interview 6/20/08
Craig Cooper Interview 9/10/08
Manny Crespo (former AZL hitting coach) Interview 1/15/08
Drew Cumberland Interview 7/15/08
RIchie Daigle Interview 5/18/08
James Darnell Draft Interview 6/9/08
Doug Dascenzo (Wizards manager) Interview 1/9/08
Doug Dascenzo (Wizards manager) Interview 8/28/08
Erik Davis Interview 9/18/08
Tom Davis Interview 6/12/08
Tom Davis Interview 11/17/08
Jaff Decker Draft Interview 6/22/08
Mike DeMark Interview 3/11/08
Mike DeMark Interview 8/11/08
Mike DeMark Interview 11/11/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/2/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/3/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/4/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/5/08
Draft Recap with Kevin Towers, Chief Gayton, Grady Fuson Interview 6/5/08
Brooks Dunn Interview 4/3/08
Luis Durango Interview 8/2/08
Duffy Dyer (Roving catching instructor) Interview 9/9/08
Allan Dykstra Draft Interview 6/5/08
Allan Dykstra Interview 8/16/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 8/1/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 9/14/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 11/4/08
Jon Ellis Interview 9/11/08
Stephen Faris Interview 8/24/08
Felix Feliz (Latin American scout) Interview 3/6/08
Jose Flores (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 2/15/08
Jose Flores (AZL Padres manager) Interview 11/5/08
Jose Flores (AZL Padres manager) Interview 12/19/08
Felix Francisco (former Latin American scout) Interview 2/25/08
Felix Francisco (former Latin American scout) Interview 3/23/08
Ernesto Frieri Interview 7/16/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 1/22/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 2/28/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 2/29/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/13/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/20/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/26/08
Grady Fuson Interview on AZL prospects 10/2/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Eugene prospects 10/10/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Fort Wayne prospects 10/15/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Lake Elsinore prospects 10/17/08
Grady Fuson Interview on San Antonio prospects 10/24/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Portland prospects 10/30/08
Tom Gamboa (minor league field coordinator) Interview 8/14/08
Tom Gamboa Interview 8/21/08
Tom Gamboa Interview 8/29/08
Steve Garrison Interview 7/2/08
Steve Garrison Interview 8/23/08
Matt Gaski Draft Interview 6/13/08
Bill Gayton (Scouting Director) Interview 5/19/08
Josh Geer Interview 4/27/08
Josh Geer Interview 6/30/08
Josh Geer Interview 8/27/08
Josh Geer Interview 9/14/08
Josh Geer Interview 12/0/08
Edgar Gonzalez Interview 5/13/08
Eric Gonzalez Draft Interview 6/19/08
Tony Gonzalez Interview 3/25/08
Omar Gutierrez Draft Interview 6/16/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 4/30/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 5/25/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 7/8/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 8/27/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 12/1/08
Chase Headley Interview 5/10/08
Chase Headley Interview 12/2/08
Jeremy Hefner Interview 8/4/08
Kyle Heyne Interview 9/20/08
Ryan Hill Interview 9/25/08
Chad Huffman Interview 5/9/08
Chad Huffman Interview 9/17/08
Nick Hundley Interview 4/25/08
Nick Hundley Interview 5/15/08
Nick Hundley Interview 6/1/08
Nick Hundley Interview 12/13/08
Cedric Hunter Interview 1/4/08
Cedric Hunter Interview 4/16/08
Colt Hynes Interview 4/18/08
Will Inman Interview 4/20/08
Will Inman Interview 8/28/08
Kurt Isenberg Interview 4/8/08
Neil Jamison Interview 4/6/08
Mike Johnston Interview 3/27/08
Gary Jones (roving fielding instructor) Interview 6/4/08
Gary Jones Interview 9/12/08
Brian Joynt Interview 3/26/08
Sean Kazmar Interview 4/17/08
Sean Kazmar Interview 11/3/08
Terry Kennedy (Double-A hitting coach) Interview 9/19/08
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 2/8/08
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 6/19/08
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Manager) Interview 2/18/08
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Manager) Interview 3/10/08
Matt Latos Interview 5/16/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 4/23/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 5/22/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 12/8/08
Carlos Lezcano (Storm manager) Interview 1/5/08
Carlos Lezcano Interview 12/10/08
Cory Luebke Interview 5/1/08
Drew Macias Interview 1/25/08
Drew Macias Interview 9/30/08
John Madden Interview 3/30/08
Greg Maddux retirement Interview 12/8/08
Luis Martinez Interview 1/30/08
Bill Masse (San Antonio manager) Interview 4/6/08
Bill Masse Interview 9/22/08
Bill Masse Interview 11/25/08
Bill Masse Interview 12/30/08
Jeremy McBryde Interview 5/2/08
Derek McDaid Interview 7/9/08
Tyler Mead Interview 3/24/08
Pablo Menchaca Interview 2/13/08
Pablo Menchaca Interview 12/1/08
Angel Mercado Interview 8/8/08
Angel Mercado Interview 9/27/08
Drew Miller Interview 4/11/08
Tony Muser (Roving hitting coordinator) Interview 1/17/08
Rob Musgrave Interview 10/21/08
Brian Myrow Interview 4/29/08
Brian Myrow Interview 7/3/08
Clint Naylor Interview 7/29/08
Danny Payne Interview 8/6/08
Andy Parrino Interview 6/30/08
Andy Parrino Interview 8/10/08
Bronswell Patrick (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 12/17/08
Scott Patterson Interview 9/15/08
Wynn Pelzer Interview 5/30/08
Wynn Pelzer Interview 7/25/08
Eric Peyton (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 12/8/08
Robert Perry Interview 7/26/08
Jackson Quezada Interview 8/7/08
Emmanuel Quiles Interview 11/5/08
Joey Railey Draft Interview 6/15/08
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/2/08
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 2/4/08
Dave Rajsich (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 12/22/08
Cesar Ramos Interview 4/29/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 5/27/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 6/20/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 9/1/08
Rick Renteria (former Portland manager) Interview 1/16/08
Greg Riddoch (Eugene manager) Interview 8/4/08
Greg Riddoch Interview 12/16/08
Dan Robertson Draft Interview 6/8/08
Dan Robertson Interview 7/30/08
Dan Robertson Interview 8/11/08
Dan Robertson Interview 11/7/08
Keoni Ruth Interview 7/1/08
Nick Schmidt Interview 5/20/08
Nick Schumacher Interview 6/24/08
Nick Schumacher Interview 11/10/08
Evan Scribner Interview 12/23/08
Derek Shunk Interview 6/12/08
Bob Skube (Wizards hitting coach) Interview 1/21/08
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 2/22/08
Randy Smith International Signing Day Primer Interview 6/26/08
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 7/3/08
Randy Smith Interview 9/26/08
Eric Sogard Interview 1/23/08
Eric Sogard Interview 4/8/08
Jhonaton Spraud Interview 1/13/08
Blake Tekotte Interview 7/31/08
Blake Tekotte Interview 10/27/08
Tom Tornicasa (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 8/25/08
Tom Tornicasa Interview 12/26/08
Jeudy Valdez Interview 11/18/08
Geoff Vandel Interview 3/28/08
Max Venable (Lake Elsinore hitting coach) Interview 2/19/08
Max Venable (Portland hitting coach) Interview 11/24/08
Will Venable Interview 4/12/08
Will Venable Interview 7/11/08
Will Venable Interview 8/27/08
WIll Venable Interview 9/29/08
Bobby Verbick Interview 11/21/08
Nick Vincent Interview 8/30/08
Beamer Weems Interview 11/22/08
Steve Webber (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/29/08
Steve Webber (San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 10/28/08
Jared Wells Interview 5/20/08
Wally Whitehurst (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/20/08
Wally Whitehurst (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 12/29/08
Shawn Wooten Interview 7/21/08
Shawn Wooten Interview 8/27/08
Lance Zawadzki Interview 8/15/08

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