Tool Time: Top Infield Arms

Arm strength is just one of the barometers when finding the best infield arm in the system. Accuracy also plays a role because it won't matter how strong a ball is hurled if it ends up in the stands. These San Diego Padres prospects have the best arms in the land.

Beamer Weems

It may not be the strongest arm, but Weems fluid movements, graceful balance and complete feel for his body make his arm a plus tool. While others may have the velocity, his complete tool set gives him the edge in getting a ball to first in a timely fashion

Weems throws an easy ball. Quickly exchanging from glove to hand, the shortstop is able to fire balls with a lightning release. Always under control, his ball to first base is accurate and without loft.

Lance Zawadzki

No infielder has the cannon that Zawadzki does. His balls have pitcher type velocity with no arc, giving him a decisive edge. He does not have to rush throws because of the laser his gun carries.

Zawadzki still needs to refine the balance in his delivery, which will aid his accuracy. He will short-arm balls and throw without setting his feet, causing his ball to sail wide, at times.

Jesus Lopez

Lopez has a complete package of tools that sets up his delivery to first. With quick feet, Lopez is able to position himself with a direct line to the bag every time.

He tends to throw the ball from a three-quarters delivery with some loop but his ability to go through the exchange at the same time his feet are setting for the throw makes his time to first equal – or faster – than most others.

Sean Kazmar

A highlight reel of plays that few can make is enhanced by an arm that can make all the throws. He is one of the best at fielding a ball behind him and still making a strong throw to first.

Kazmar's ability to locate the bag on tough plays puts him in a unique position. He trusts his instincts and can fire lasers while spinning. His arm is equivalent to that of a quarterback that simply knows where the ball should be delivered.

Cole Figueroa

Scouts had questioned whether Figueroa could play shortstop, but it became clear that his arm is not an issue. Rearing back and firing bullets to first was the norm.

Figueroa puts together baseball savvy, instincts, and innate ability to make concise throws to the bag. He has a solid arm that is even better because of his calm approach, good balance, and accurate tosses.

Honorable Mention:

Justin Baum

Blessed with a terrific arm, Baum rushes his throws and sails balls wide of the first base bag. Taking a calmer approach could vault him up the list.

James Darnell

An athletic specimen that has the arm to man the hot corner, Darnell has good balance and makes his exchange quickly to get the ball out.

Logan Forsythe

Few can bare-hand a ball and make as strong a throw as Forsythe can and fewer still can do it accurately. Forsythe does both well, proving he can make the off-balance throw as well as the normal one.

Brian Joynt

If arm alone were the single factor, Joynt would be near the top of the list. He has a cannon but his footwork is not as agile as others and his balance needs improvement.

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