Tool Time: Top Outfield Arms

Cutting down on the opposition's ability to take an extra base can save runs. An outfield arm, therefore, must not only be strong enough but also must possess sureness that it will hit the intended base. An erroneous throw means nothing, even if it is a strong one. Here are the best outfield arms in the San Diego Padres system.

Drew Macias

Few are courageous enough to test the arm of Macias and fewer are rewarded by their bravado. Annually dotting this list, the years are continually kind to the talented outfielder. Moving in on the catch, Macias has the momentum to make accurate and strong throws.

His ability to take a ball off the wall, turn, and deliver accurate throws is unparalleled. Macias knows the walls and its bounces and has eyes in the back of his head that tell him when a runner is trying to take advantage. His 12 outfield assists made sure they didn't do it often – a number that would have been larger if they actually ran on him, which they didn't through the first half of the season.

Brad Chalk

An outfield arm is only as good as its accuracy. Chalk combines the two with precision. He has a solid arm that is made even better by his ability to hit the bag on a line more often than not. Chalk snared 10 outfield assists this year.

His accuracy begins with the setup. Chalk positions himself well when a throw is needed, setting his feet to be in a position to make a strong throw from the catch. His rifle and ability to come off the catch makes for a unique combination.

Dan Robertson

Utilizing a diverse skill set, Robertson combines a meticulous feel for positioning, all-out hustle, and a precise rifle. He has the knowledge to make all the throws from each of the three outfield spots and recorded 12 outfield assists – in short-season!

Robertson sets up his throws with balance. He has control of his body and how it should react when fielding a ball. Whether off the wall or straight into the glove, Robertson sets his feet and delivers accurate throws to all bases.

Craig Cooper

Cooper had eight outfield assists on the season, as the opposition is running less and less on him. His ability to deliver a ball with a low trajectory and on a line makes him a formidable defender.

Playing an instinctual game, he knows when to hit the cutoff man and where the ball should be delivered to see maximum results. He slings the ball with efficiency and control – the perfect combination.

Sam Carter

One of the best pure guns in the system, Carter can make all the throws from right field and do it with relative ease. His powerful arm can reach third base from right field, helping him register 10 outfield assists for the year.

Carter might not have the most accurate of arms but thrown with force and on a terrific line, fielders have plenty of time to make a play on a runner trying to take a base.

Honorable Mention:

Yefri Carvajal

Carvajal has all the arm you could want but is learning how to position himself for the throw to increase his accuracy. He still notched seven outfield assists.

Jaff Decker

While he registered just two outfield assists, who would run against a kid that can throw 92 mph from the mound? Decker has the gun and is working on improving his outfield positioning.

Sawyer Carroll

Armed with a cannon, Carroll can hit home plate on a fly. The problem has been accuracy. He will rush some throws and could be near the top of the list with time. He still racked up six outfield assists.

Danny Payne

While he missed much of the year, Payne has always had a strong, accurate cannon from anywhere on the field. He registered four outfield assists this past year and can corral the opposition's speed game.

Blake Tekotte

Tekotte is still learning to harness his arm from the outfield. He has the strength to make throws from all sides of the field but rushed his throws some in his initial season.

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