Tool Time: Top Fastball Hitters

If you can't hit a pitch thrown 60-70 percent of the time in the big leagues, you really have no chance to make it. These San Diego Padres prospects can hit quality fastballs.

Matt Clark

It might surprise some but long swings generally mean you are a much better fastball hitter than breaking ball hitter. Clark fits that mold with his long swing and the power to match.

Clark can hone in on the cheddar and catch up with the hardest of fastballs. His quick wrists and light-tower power give him tremendous potential as a home run hitter.

James Darnell

While the breaking ball may be his bane, Darnell has no trouble catching up to and swatting the hardest of fastballs.

A dead-red hitter, Darnell's ability to hone in on the fastball allows him to have success. If he works the count into his favor, Darnell can drive the ball and do considerable damage.

Drew Macias

There are few who have the plan that Macias does when he comes to bat. It is a plan he sticks with, regardless of count or circumstance.

Recognizing that pitchers have a tougher time throwing their breaking ball over for strikes, Macias is able to focus on the fastball. When it comes, he doesn't miss.

Yefri Carvajal

Carvajal is still learning how to stay away from the breaking ball down and away but the Dominican native can hammer a fastball.

With tremendous power and a strong base, Carvajal can turn on an inside fastball and pull it down the line with authority. A line drive type hitter, Carvajal has the ability to hit lasers out of the park.

Sam Carter

With a longer swing and a grip it and rip it style, Carter has an astounding amount of power that he generates from his trigger and release.

The outfielder can catch up with the quickest heaters and can send them a long way. His reaction time on recognizing the fastball allows him to time the pitch and unload.

Honorable Mention:

Peter Ciofrone

Like many others, Ciofrone is dialed in to the fastball and rarely misses his pitch. He has a solid foundation and level swing, giving him terrific plate coverage. With quick hands, he can catch up to the mightiest heater.

Lance Zawadzki

A talented athlete that has a plethora of tools, Zawadzki can focus on the fastball, especially from the left side, and pound the ball into submission.

Mitch Canham

With incredibly strong hands and quick wrists, Canham has the muscle that backs a powerful swing. While he has not translated that to homer power yet, it is only a matter of time before he puts it together.

Kyle Blanks

Blanks solid foundation and clean approach make him a tough out on breaking balls and fastballs alike. He has the raw power to hit fastballs to the moon and the swing plane to make hard contacts the norm.

Kellen Kulbacki

As Blanks, Kulbacki also appears on the breaking ball list, giving him a dual threat and making it tough for pitchers to come up with a formula to beat him.

Sawyer Carroll

Reading the fastball and exploding through the zone give Carroll the ability to hit extra bases with regularity. Good study habits and applying them on the field are critical to his success.

Rymer Liriano

Youth may be on his side but few can hit a fastball as hard and as far as Liriano. Teams went away from the fastball to him in the Dominican Summer League because he made them pay when they tried to challenge him.

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