Hunter a hit, literally

PEORIA, AZ-– Cedric Hunter doesn't strike out much but he doesn't walk a whole lot either. Leading the minor leagues in hits has a way or easing any concern. He believe putting the ball in play is the way to go.

How much have you matured since coming to the Padres?

Cedric Hunter: A lot. Just from learning every day. You know, I got in touch with big league guys a lot and it's been a fun experience. It's amazing what you can learn out here every day.

You hit better off lefties than you did off righties. Is there any reason you can pinpoint as to why that occurred?

Cedric Hunter: I think it's more of a challenge. Everyone expects you to fail against lefties. I hate to say it, but I think I'm more locked in against lefties than I am against righties.

You were very successful with runners in scoring position last season. Is there a different mental approach you take in those situations?

Cedric Hunter: No, definitely not. That's what you try to focus on: the big hits. That's the main point of the game. That's what you play for.

How do you balance the approach to stay aggressive yet be patient and wait for a pitch to drive?

Cedric Hunter: Well that's the strategy in the Padres' system. You have to be patiently aggressive. You always want to look for your pitch and if you don't get it, just take it.

You had the lowest strikeout rate in the California League last year. Should the walk totals increase because of that?

Cedric Hunter: I don't think they'll increase. [The pitchers] are just going to come at me and I'll be ready for it.

You had 11 sacrifice flies a year ago. How were you able to gather so many productive outs?

Cedric Hunter: Just working hard and being mentally prepared for the game.

You received an invite to major league camp. In what ways has it and will it benefit you?

Cedric Hunter: I'm glad to be here. There are a lot of people that wish they could be in my shoes right now. It's learning every day [from everyone]; it's a big influence on my game and it helps me out a lot.

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