Padres Minor League Spring Notebook VIII

PEORIA, AZ Two-a-days continued on Wednesday at the San Diego Padres Spring Training complex – two days before live games begin. The process was the same as the prior practice with live batting practice.

  • Allen Harrington worked in all of his pitches, as he continues to make each one crisper in anticipation of live action later in the week. The left-hander lost most of last year to injury.

    He gave up singles to Yefri Carvajal and Brad Chalk but no one else got solid hits off him. Most of the balls ended up on the ground.

  • Neil Jamison – another pitcher on the road to recovery – has changed his arm slot, dropping down even further than in the past.

    The right-hander is working out some of the kinks, as his fastball didn't move as much as he had hoped.

    "A few of the guys got good wood when my pitches stayed flat," Jamison said. "My changeup felt good, though."

  • Nathan Culp showed the trend that has earned him 27 victories over the last two years. The southpaw kept most of his pitches down in the zone.

    Tom King got a crack at Culp and laced a liner down the right field line, waiting on a tough breaking ball, to collect what would have amounted to a solid double.

    "I felt better in the bullpen, actually," Culp said. "I felt good on the mound – and that is important at this stage and feeling healthy and not worrying about the results."

    Pitching coach Tom Bradley was excited about Culp's outing.

    "Your curveball had better tilt now than it did when we were together," Bradley said to Culp.

  • Dan Robertson got a hold of a fastball on the inner half and smashed a Colin Lynch pitch, but not many others were seeing success against the right-hander.

    "I felt a lot better today than two days ago," Lynch said. "The changeup is a work in progress but it is getting there. The velocity was there."

    Lynch struggled down the stretch last season, but the Padres remain excited about his arm and potential.

  • Justin Baum was dialed in during his live batting practice session. The infielder laced several balls to all parts of the field and abused Robert Woodard.

    "He was locked in," Woodard said. "My stuff didn't feel as crisp as it did last time out."

    Woodard was impressive during a late season stint with Lake Elsinore, posting a 2.43 ERA in 15 games.

  • R.J. Rodriguez was happy with his session, showing a cartoon like differential from his fastball to changeup.

    The right-hander had nice life on the fastball and the changeup was coming in 25 mph less. A few dinks made it to the outfield but nothing solid.

  • Aaron Breit has struggled in each of the past two seasons. A talented right-hander, he suffered through injury early in 2008 but made it back to Fort Wayne. He had his moments but was inconsistent.

    "I am really focused on getting that fastball on the outer half and getting the curveball down," Breit said.

    Carvajal took one Breit pitch to the house.

    "I left a fastball over the plate and he is a good fastball hitter. He got into it pretty good."

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