Lake Elsinore Storm 2009 Opening Day Roster

The Lake Elsinore Storm opens the 2009 season with a pitching staff that could be the best in the system, featuring Wynn Pelzer, Cory Luebke, Corey Kluber, Jeremy McBryde, and Jeremy Hefner. The lineup has potential as well with Logan Forsythe, Justin Baum, Felix Carrasco, Danny Payne, Brad Chalk, Cole Figueroa, and Yefri Carvajal.

Pitchers: (12)

Dylan Axelrod
Aaron Breit
Allen Harrington
Jeremy Hefner
Corey Kluber
Cory Luebke
Jeremy McBryde
Bryan Oland
Wynn Pelzer
Matt Teague
Nick Vincent
Robert Woodard

Catchers: (2)

Luis Martinez
Ali Solis

Infielders: (7)

Justin Baum
Felix Carrasco
Cole Figueroa
Logan Forsythe
Andy Parrino
Keoni Ruth
Beamer Weems

Outfielders: (4)

Yefri Carvajal
Brad Chalk
Danny Payne
Robert Perry

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