Padres Prospect Interview: Euclides Viloria

San Diego Padres prospect Euclides Viloria burst onto the scene in a big way in 2007 but has not seen the field since. He had surgery and missed all of '08 and felt pain again this spring.

Talk about the injury and the recovery process you have undergone.

Euclides Viloria: I am still having pain in the same shoulder. I had surgery on my rotator cuff and labrum. I hurt it during the rehab process. I think I will be able to throw sometime during extended. I was throwing at 135 feet, taking a day off, and throwing again when I felt pain again. I had another MRI taken.

How frustrating has this process been for you?

Euclides Viloria: It is hard for me. I see everyone else pitching and I have to sit on the bench. It is hard.

Being on the sidelines can make you look at the game a little differently. Do you feel like you are seeing things you may not have seen before?

Euclides Viloria: I am learning a lot. I am seeing plays and moves that I have not seen before and trying to incorporate them into my game. I see the other guys release point and try and learn as much everyday.

Is this a time where you can play around with different grips?

Euclides Viloria: Definitely. I have looked at different grips on the two-seam, the cutter and the curveball. Try them all and see if they feel good.

What were you able to focus on while rehabbing that makes you believe you can come back even stronger this season?

Euclides Viloria: I have worked hard on my legs. I run a half hour every day before practice and am working on my core. I will be in shape when I do come back. When I come back, I will be strong so I can pitch more innings.

You have learned English very well over the last few years. Does learning the language give you an advantage over other players coming from Latin America?

Euclides Viloria: They don't know English because they don't practice as much. I learn some word every single day. It is important for me to learn because if it comes down to it where I can't play anymore one day, maybe I can be a scout or a pitching coach.

It helps me on the mound too. Some of the catchers don't speak Spanish. If they are talking to me and I can't understand them, it doesn't help. ‘Calm down, focus on your release point. Pitch down.'

You have always had a quality changeup. What is the third pitch you want to perfect?

Euclides Viloria: The curveball. I am trying to make my curveball a little faster with more downward movement.

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