Padres Prospect Interview: Logan Forsythe

San Diego Padres prospect Logan Forsythe has reached base safely in every game he has played in as a professional. His vast array of skills is part of the reason he began the year in High-A Lake Elsinore.

You break your thumb three games into your professional career. How frustrating was that?

Logan Forsythe: It was really frustrating. I had a plan to sign early, get in the system, see what I could do and I made a stupid mistake. I dove in head first when I shouldn't have. It cost me the summer, but I got some rehab time in. My body got to heal from college and now I'm one hundred percent so I'm happy about that.

When you come back, you struggled some in Arizona. Was that a product of figuring out your timing?

Logan Forsythe: When I came back, I got a couple of games in at the end. There was talk about me going for the playoffs to go back. So I was trying to. I was pressed to get my timing back, to get my confidence back up and it did hurt me but in the end. I got to see some pitches my timing got back. There were some positives from it.

At instructs, you rebounded and looked healthy. Is that the kind of hitting you expect in the coming season?

Logan Forsythe: Instructs went really well. I came out and struggled a little bit the first week, but it was kind of from Arizona to the first week of that. But then I started coming through, through instructs, I started feeling better and better. It started feeling like my swing and my game and that's when I started playing. It went really good.

You hit seven homers in your last year in college – are the power numbers something you believe will continue to increase as you mature?

Logan Forsythe: Definitely, My last year in college didn't go like I wanted it to. I had a couple of injuries that held me back a little bit, but this is a new year and it will be a full year hopefully. So we'll see about those numbers.

The coaching staff was impressed with your ability to read and react defensively at third. How much work do you put in to preparing defensively?

Logan Forsythe: I play a lot of positions on the field. My passion is third base. I love to play third. Io feel I can change the game playing third. But I've played all around the infield. I've played all around the outfield. I guess that's better for me, but they want to see how the power numbers come and they like me at third so we'll see.

People have mentioned your flexibility and athleticism to play multiple positions on the field. What makes you so good at third?

Logan Forsythe: It's just I've been doing it so long. I can see where the catcher sets up. I can see what pitch is coming working with my shortstop. Know the hitter, know the runner, know the situation. I take all that into effect when I'm at third. Reading bat angles and all that good stuff. It just kind of comes naturally to me and it's fun, that's why I like it.

You were hit by five pitches in 12 games. Do pitchers just not like you?

Logan Forsythe: I was in the same position I was usually in. I think it just away from a couple of guys. I got on base. That's a good thing to happen.

You are someone that studies the pitcher from the dugout religiously. How does that help you prepare for your at-bat?

Logan Forsythe: It helps me a lot. A pitcher will show you what he's throwing when he's out there warming up. You can see depth in certain pitches. I try to study the pitcher, see if he gives off anything. See how he grips the ball. I get my time in when I'm in the dugout, and when I move on deck is when I start to focus in and get my timing down and when I get in the box I stay with my approach. When I do get in a slump is when I get away from my approach, but most of the time I try to stick with it and get the pitches I like.

How often do you think you've caught someone tipping their pitches?

Logan Forsythe: It's happened quite a bit. There's a couple of guys, coaches will pick up on it sometimes. During the season we got a couple of guys. It's weird you kind of see it in the game. You have to be in the game to understand it. When you see it you say ‘OK he's doing this.' That's the best way I can explain it.

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