2009 AZL Padres Opening Day Roster

The Arizona Rookie League Padres open their season on Sunday night, as day games have been abandoned in the hot Phoenix area sun.

Pitchers (13*):

Rafeal Arias, RHP
Jon Berger, RHP
Simon Berroa, RHP
Juan Chavez, RHP
Luis De La Cruz, RHP
Brett Holland, RHP
John Hussey, RHP
Tom Porter, RHP
Adys Portillo, RHP
Gary Poynter, RHP
Deiber Sanchez, RHP
Stalyn Valdez, RHP
Euclides Viloria, LHP

* Andrew Morton, RHP, will join the team on Monday after being signed as an undrafted free agent. Lefty Steve Garrison will be doing his rehab down in Arizona.

Catchers (3):

Brett Basham
Jhonaldo Pozo
Dylan Tonneson

Infielders (6):

Chris Ahearn
Cody Decker
Jonathan Galvez
Daniel Garce
Jorge Minyeti
Ryan Skube

Outfielders (4):

Julian Alvarez
Rymer Liriano
Cameron Monger
Wande Olabisi

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