Fonti Commits to Rutgers

It seems like a long time coming, but the Scarlet Knights have finally received the 3rd commitment to the 2010 recruiting class. His name is Chris Fonti and he is a 3 star, 6'7 321 pounder with great potential. He selected Rutgers over Louisville, Pitt and North Carolina. SOR was able to catch up with Fonti to discuss how his commitment came about.

"First I talked to my coach (Coach Olsen) to run it past him. He thought it was a great idea because he had both of his sons commit early. Then I called Coach Schiano and told him. Schiano was ecstatic… so happy. Then I talked to Coach Flood and he was even more excited. He said I did a great job at camp (Rutgers Big Man Camp) and he knew that Rutgers would be the right fit for me." said Chris Fonti.

He continued, "I'm pretty excited. Well, they offered me back in February. After going to the camp this weekend I just felt like that was it for me. I love coach Flood. He's a good teacher and after being around him I was ready. Coach Flood's coaching ability put me over the top. He is great because he knows what you are doing wrong and how to correct it."

In regards to Fonti's experience at this past weekend's Big Man Academy, he mentioned, "I Iearned a lot more just in 1 day about run blocking and how to keep your knees in tighter and where to have your toes facing. The competition was pretty good. The 1-on-1's were pretty intense."

As for his short term goals, he stated, "I wanna get to know the guys more… get to know the coaches more and get a feel for the place. I'm also looking forward to working hard during the summer and the off-season to come in there ready looking for a big East Championship and national championship."

In regards to how he feels about Coach Schiano, he said, "Coach is great. I have been to a couple of his practices. He is a great guy, but he will get in your… you know… he makes it tougher but only to make you better."

As for how he would feel about being a part of an O-line consisting of himself, Bujari, Foose and Sacco, he stated, "That would be great to have a line that good. That would be amazing. I would love to have those guys on the team. I saw Dan Foose this weekend. He is a great player. I also saw Sacco for the first time at camp and thought he did an amazing job. Our line would just be overpowering."

As for his message to the State of Rutgers, Fonti stated, "Next, we need Foose. That would be a great get. I can't wait to get there (to Rutgers). It is a great team and a great school. I just can't wait". SOR will keep you posted as the commitments come in.

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