Padres Prospect Interview: Logan Forsythe

LAKE ELSINORE, CA: After an injury plagued start to his pro career, Logan Forsythe, 22, has hit his stride with the Lake Elsinore Storm in 2009.

The first thing that you notice about the ex-Arkansas Razorback is that there doesn't seem to be any part of the game that he doesn't do well. He is either leading, or close to the lead, in about every imaginable team offensive category, with the exception of stolen bases; and even there he is 6-for-8.

Forsythe played several different positions during his collegiate career, but the Padres believe his future is at third base when they drafted him in the supplemental first-round of the 2008 draft. At the plate, he has a strong knowledge of the strike zone combined with an ability to wait for a pitch that he can drive.

Could you give our readers a little idea of your background?

Logan Forsythe: I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. I was recruited by a few schools, but I really ended up liking the University of Arkansas, which is where my mother's side of the family is from. I learned a lot more about the game there than I did in high school, which really helped me out. Lane Decker, a scout for the Padres, came up to speak with me before the draft and let me know the team was interested in me and I was fortunate enough to be picked by San Diego.

You played quite a few positions in college, third, second, short and a little outfield.

Logan Forsythe: I really played everywhere, but mostly third. I did play a little second, behind the plate and with the USA team in the outfield.

You got hurt early in the year last year when there was some talk about moving you around, but it seemed like the Padres have always seen you as a third baseman.

Logan Forsythe: That is one reason I've always liked the Padres, they came up to me and said they liked me at third and wanted to keep me there. If I'm moved to another position, I won't be mad about it, but my passion is third base.

A big thing with the Padres is the "patiently aggressive" approach. Looking at your numbers, you seem like the poster boy for this philosophy. Is this something the team has taught you or how you have just always hit?

Logan Forsythe: Yeah, it really is. I've always had a plan and an approach every time I've stepped into the batter's box. I like that the Padres have that type of hitting philosophy and try to build on what they are doing.

Quite a few in the San Diego media have come to the conclusion that its really a passive approach. Isn't what you are trying to do similar to what Ted Williams wrote about in "The Science of Hitting"; find a good pitch to hit and hammer it?

Logan Forsythe: We are about trying to be aggressive in the zone. There will be times when that pitch comes in your zone and you aren't ready for it, or times when you will go outside it and swing at a ball that you don't want too. What you try to do is focus on being mentally strong and taking a disciplined approach at every at-bat.

You are having a very good year in what is really your first year in pro ball, especially when you factor in it is at High-A. What is the biggest difference between playing here and playing with the Razorbacks in the SEC besides the difference in talent?

Logan Forsythe: There are a lot of great players in the SEC and we beat each other up every weekend playing against each other. That what was fun in that league, it meant something every game.

In pro ball, you are doing it everyday. You are seeing many of the guys you played against in college and others that are just as good. The big difference is that it is every day there are practices and games.

Its such a long season that all of you stress the importance of being in a routine. Was it tough for you to get acclimated to the everyday aspect of what you are doing now?

Logan Forsythe: I had one in college, so I picked up what I wanted to get done everyday once I got here. You know, last year I signed early because I wanted to get moving early and get a feel for pro ball and it just didn't work out because I got injured.

Once I got here, it got pretty easy to get used to it, when to hit, field and so on. Its gets to the point where you just do it as compared to last year. It's what do I do now.

What part of your game do you need to improve upon to move up?

Logan Forsythe: I just need to get better at everything. I want to be able to run the bases well, hit for power, average, play good defense, help the pitchers out; you know there is always something to improve upon.

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