Padres Prospect Interview: Bo Davis

Bo Davis is the epitome of the kind of player the San Diego Padres drafted in 2009 – an athlete with top-notch speed and a burning desire to play.

Congratulations on getting to the college world series. How did it feel?

Bo Davis: It feels great. We've been working all year for it.

So talk a little bit about being drafted by the Padres and as that happened, how you were feeling.

Bo Davis: It was a great feeling. I actually wasn't watching the boards or anything. We were at practice, getting ready to leave for the World Series. I was in the lounge when I found out that they took me in the 24th-round. It was good to be around my teammates, because they're competitive like me. It was a great feeling to have it happen at the field house like that.

Talk a little bit about your game. What's your game about?

Bo Davis: I hustle and play hard every pitch. I'm not the biggest guy. I'm not the strongest guy or anything like that. I'm a speed guy. My legs are probably my greatest strength. I hustle, and I have a love of the game.

You mentioned not being a big guy, but you still led the team in homers. You hit 14 this year. How did you accomplish that?

Bo Davis: This year was a little different. I've been progressing. I started struggling a little bit my first year and progressively got a little better. Getting better hitting wise, just meant being a lot more patient at the plate. It just seemed like I where I got myself out in year's past, I've just gotten a lot more pitches to hit.

How difficult was it to change your approach when you have an aggressive attitude at the plate.

Bo Davis: It's definitely a learning experience. It took a little bit of work during the season. Coach was trying to get me to go that way. It was a struggle but it definitely made me a better hitter. I used to be real bad about getting myself out. But patience has definitely paid off. Your best hitters have always been the patient ones.

You mentioned your legs being one of your best assets. You stole 10-12 bases this year. Is the idea to be even more aggressive in the future.

Bo Davis: Yeah I would love to be a little bit more of a base runner. I had the knee surgery early in the season. Then the kid who hit behind me was super hot and when I would get on base I wouldn't get the green light because he was so hot, and then when we got to the end of the season, I stole a couple more bags but not nearly as many as I would have liked to just because I was in the three-hole for most of the season.

When you look at guys in the major leagues today is there a guy that you kind of look up to, or want to emulate?

Bo Davis: I like the way Jacoby Ellsbury played outfield. He's always playing hard. He's dodging around everywhere. He's kind of an athletic guy. I'm not sure how big he is, but if I had to compare myself to anybody, it would be to him.

These guys, him specifically, is kind of like a throwback player. Do you consider yourself one of those gritty kind of guys?

Bo Davis: Yeah, I would say I have a little bit of that old school mentality. I hustle hard all the time. Slide headfirst into base. Bust my butt and push buttons whenever you need to. That sort of thing.

So what do you look forward to going into professional baseball?

Bo Davis: Just the experience. I look forward to getting an opportunity to play. I'm really excited that the Padres gave me that opportunity; meeting the guys. I always love that about going to a new team, meeting new people, new coaches and learning new things about the game.

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