Padres Prospect Interview: Eduardo Perez

Fort Wayne, IN: A player to be named later when the San Diego Padres dealt Greg Maddux to Los Angeles last season, Eduardo Perez is making a living down in the zone for the TinCaps.

Talk a little bit about the pitches you throw and the speeds you throw them at.

Eduardo Perez: My repertoire is a changeup, curveball and fastball. My fastball is between 88 and 92. My curveball is 68 to 71 and my changeup is 81 or 82.

Talk about being traded for a Hall of Famer like Greg Maddux and what that means to you.

Eduardo Perez: It is a great honor to be traded for such a player. I am delighted that the Padres felt that highly of me. It has given me confidence to go out there and pitch well. I also know I have to continue to work hard.

How did you end up finding out you were traded?

Eduardo Perez: They called my team that I was playing for in Venezuela.

Talk about playing baseball as a kid in Venezuela. What kind of memories do you have of that?

Eduardo Perez: I had a lot of great experiences in Venezuela because I got to play with a lot of guys who played in the major leagues. They showed me a lot and mentored me in dedication – that is what I am going to use now.

You haven't allowed a homer this season. What is your game about?

Eduardo Perez: I try to work down in the zone. I remember the last homer I gave up in Venezuela (sigh). I try and work down.

What needs to happen for you to take your game to the next level?

Eduardo Perez: I need to work hard on my pitches – all of my pitches. I need to spot them better. I need to work in and out. I need to continue to work hard.

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