Padres Prospect Interview: Andy Parrino

Andy Parrino has been a valuable asset. His former manager called him a ‘plug-and-play' performer because he can be used at so many locations on the diamond. Now, the San Diego Padres prospect is trying to put all the pieces together – beginning with calming down in the batter's box.

You hit better from the left side than from the right side and with a little bit more power too. Has there ever been any consideration to maybe go left side all of the time?

Andy Parrino: I've never really thought about it. But if my bosses tell me too then that's something I can take into consideration. But the thing is I feel really comfortable from both sides. You just try to put the ball in play and then after that you can't really control what happens.

Is there almost two different swing for you? Or do you try to minimize your rhythm so that they appear to be the same?

Andy Parrino: I try to feel comfortable from both sides so if they happen to mirror each other then it's ok. If not, then, oh well. It's all about feeling comfortable in there just try to get a good pitch from both sides.

Does it almost feel like it's two different mechanics at the same time or do you feel like you're going good with one maybe I should tweak something with this other one?

Andy Parrino: Yeah, rarely if you talk to most switch-hitters are they going to tell you that they feel good from both sides of the plate so it's just a feel thing. Sometimes you feel good from the right side and not so good from the left and vice versa.

You hit over .300 with men on base last year. Is there a different mental mindset for you?

Andy Parrino: Not really. I just always try to get a good pitch to hit and having base runners on is a good opportunity to get those RBI, and that's what helps you out and hopefully keeps you moving up so it's situational hitting, which the Padres really appreciate out here.

Doug Descenso last year said that you were just an invaluable tool to have for him, because he could plug you anywhere in the field, anywhere in the line up and know you would perform well. When you hear something like that how does that make you feel?

Andy Parrino: It feels great, but it's humble at the same time. I know my role on the team, and hopefully it's the first guy off the bench, and hopefully it's the first utility guy wherever they need me, I have to go in and hit or go in and play.

Playing second, third, short last year were there any challenges you faced?

Andy Parrino: Tonight, I'm playing third. It's just different angles really. Seeing the ball off the bat differently. But my arm feels great from all three. So I shouldn't have any problems making any throws.

Do you feel like you have to be a little bit quicker playing third just to get it across that diamond?

Andy Parrino: Not so much quicker, but usually it's a lot harder ball they hit, so I usually have a little more time at third. Up the middle, you just relax, and the main thing I try to do is make the routine plays. To make a spectacular one every once in a while is a bonus.

One of the things coaches mentioned is that you might be a little too amped up in the batters box before the pitch is thrown. How do you calm yourself down so you can stick to that Padres philosophy that you were talking about?

Andy Parrino: Over the offseason and even in spring training I worked on shortening my swing and having a better two-strike approach and really calming myself down. I talked to Greg Riddoch, my first manager, and he's taught me a few ways to calm myself down before I get there and not be so anxious and I just relax and let the ball come to me.

What will that enable you to do in the coming season?

Andy Parrino: Hopefully put the ball in play more. When you put the ball in play you never know what might happen.

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