Padres Prospect Interview: Jonathan Galvez

Seen as a high ceiling talent, San Diego Padres prospect Jonathan Galvez already has an incredible eye. With burdgeoning power, the young shortstop could take off at any time.

What are your best memories of playing ball in the Dominican Republic as a kid?

Jonathan Galvez: My first manager was my grandfather – the same person that raised me. I remember my grandfather gave me a bunch of ground balls in the yard at our house. He also threw me BP in the yard.

You had two great months and one bad month during the 2008 season. What happened during July that caused your struggles?

Jonathan Galvez: In the Dominican, we were in a four-team division and by the third month, the pitchers knew me pretty well. Washington was an older team and they were throwing me curveball, curveball, changeup – breaking ball after breaking ball. Hopefully I can improve on that.

You have come stateside for two straight years. How has and will that benefit you?

Jonathan Galvez: In the first instructional league, I probably put too much pressure on myself to perform after being signed. Plus, I was making the adjustment to the culture here. The last instructional league, I learned a lot and am taking the time to apply what I have learned. Coming to the United States two years has been beneficial.

How has being patient helped your game?

Jonathan Galvez: I have to be patient because if you are not patient than you are being desperate. If you are desperate, you tend to fail. In order to make it to the big leagues, you have to be patient. What I have learned is if you have one bad at-bat or one bad day, you need to simply improve upon it. It is going to get better if you have one bad game, as long as you learn from your mistakes.

You hit three homers a year ago and have two this season. Do you think power will become a bigger part of your game, as you get stronger and mature?

Jonathan Galvez: Yes, I definitely think so. With age and more experience, I will be able to focus on what I am capable of doing. Plus, I am working hard on my hitting mechanics and that will naturally lead to more home runs.

You mentioned to us that you wanted to work on your arm strength and getting your legs stronger. Have you been able to get stronger in those areas?

Jonathan Galvez: I definitely feel I have improved in both of those areas down in the Dominican this offseason. I want to continue to improve to reach my goals of playing in the big league.

You mentioned seeing a lot more breaking balls last year and again this season, how will that help you going forward?

Jonathan Galvez: It was definitely a good experience seeing all of those breaking balls. I can recognize it a lot easier. I think now in my second year I can make the adjustment because of all the breaking balls I saw. It will be easier.

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