Padres Prospect Interview: Stiven Osuna

Fort Wayne, IN: Placed back into the rotation was the best thing that ever could have happened to San Diego Padres prospect Stiven Osuna.

how difficult has it been to go from starting to relief and back to starting?

Stiven Osuna: I know I didn't get off to a good start. When I went to the bullpen I started focusing more on my mechanics. I feel like I have done well in the past and needed to get things right. I feel fortunate to get another chance.

Was it a confidence boost to skip over Eugene after working in the Arizona Rookie League last season and come to Fort Wayne?

Stiven Osuna: It was a little bit of a surprise. I am happy the Padres have showed confidence in me. I know I can make them proud but need to get everything back together.

Do you feel like you put too much pressure on yourself to perform with the skipped level?

Stiven Osuna: Obviously I knew I was skipping a league. I didn't feel like I was losing confidence and knew I could do this.

When a couple of starts didn't go my way, that is when I started pressing a little bit. Now I am just trying to get back to pitching again.

What kind of changes did you make to your mechanics to get back on track?

Stiven Osuna: I was opening up a little bit too fast and was rushing to home plate instead of staying back on my legs in better balance.

How can you avoid the big inning?

Stiven Osuna: It is important to start the inning off right and get that first out. That makes thing so much easier. I know I had some trouble getting that third out as well.

Before, I was focused on making it through five innings. Now, my focus has changed. I am looking at every inning and down to every pitch.

What do you need to do to improve and go up the ladder?

Stiven Osuna: I need to develop a little bit more strength. I need to keep working as hard as I am working right now and stay focused.

Your curveball has really come along in the last year. What changed?

Stiven Osuna: The fastball and changeup I have always felt that I could spot where I want. In the beginning of the year, I had trouble with my mechanics. With those corrections, I feel like my curveball has gotten a lot better. To me it is more about being comfortable and being focused.

Does fastball command setup the rest?

Stiven Osuna: I know my fastball sets up everything. I feel like my changeup is a very good pitch but know that being able to move the ball in and out will help develop everything else.

What do you remember about wanting to be a professional baseball player as a kid?

Stiven Osuna: When I was a kid, I never really thought about it. Now, it is very important.

Really? When did you know that this was something you wanted to do?

Stiven Osuna: When I was 16, I saw some of my teammates sign and I thought I was just as good, if not better. From that point on, I really dialed in. I really want this.

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