Padres Prospect Interview: Jose DePaula

Eugene, OR: Jose DePaula had a setback when his elbow flared up but has pitched bullpens on the road to recovery. The left-hander is a rising talent within the San Diego Padres growing stable of young Latin American arms. DePuala spoke to us through a translator.

Talk about the injury, how it came about and how you are feeling today.

Jose DePaula: I felt pain in my elbow in the fourth inning during a game in Yakima. Now, I am back and doing work every day. I am throwing in the bullpen and think I will be back playing in games soon.

How have you matured as a baseball player since coming into the Padres organization?

Jose DePaula: I am getting more mature because I am continually putting more into it. Everyone has told me I have a lot of potential so I need to work hard to make it happen. Knwoing that they think highly of me makes me do everything I can do to make them proud and prove them right.

How have you improved finishing off hitters? There were times when you would go 0-2 to a batter last season and allow a hit.

Jose DePaula: Last year, I didn't throw my curveball very often. I learned to throw it more and that has really helped me finish hitters.

Do you feel like you throw your fastball inside with confidence?

Jose DePaula: Last year, we tried to change my mechanics but it didn't work out as well as they hoped and affected my command inside. In the Instructional League, we worked on cleaning up the old mechanics and it has given me better fastball command inside.

Talk about playing baseball in the Dominican Republic as a kid.

Jose DePaula: I started playing when I was 15 years old as a pitcher. I remember seeing a lot of kids in the field and they just played baseball and laughed all day.

I used to live in the country where there were no baseball fields. When we moved to Santo Domingo, that is when I started to play.

Did you know you were good?

Jose DePaula: Yes, because I knew I had something in my blood. A lot of people in my family were signed. Everyone told me I needed to start playing baseall, especially as a left-hander.

How do you build off the successes you have had?

Jose DePaula: Work hard and thanking God for giving me this ability.

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