Padres Prospect Interview: Chris Tremblay

Eugene, OR: San Diego Padres prospect Chris Tremblay is extremely passionate about the game. That can lead to trouble, as he is insanely hard on himself.

What is the difference between the Northwest League and college baseball?

Chris Tremblay: The biggest thing I have found between the two leagues is definitely how pitchers pitch. I know in college I could probably count the number of times a pitcher came inside.

Here, it is pretty much the opposite. A lot of guys are living inside and then going out.

Another thing is I have seen a lot more two-seam/slider guys than I did in college. Guys who throw sinkers. In college it was a lot of four-seam guys.

One of the things I noticed is that you seem to step into the ball. Is that one of the things you will have to change moving forward?

Chris Tremblay: It is definitely something they are trying to work with me on with a couple of other things. I think it will definitely help getting away from that and striding towards the pitcher. It will help my hands get to the inside pitch a lot easier. That could be improved along with some other things we are working on.

You had a lot of extra base hits in college but hit all singles in Eugene. Do you feel like you put undo pressure on yourself to hit those gaps?

Chris Tremblay: I think everywhere you go it is always nice to get extra base hits. I understand who I am as a player. I am not going to go out there and hit 10 or 20 home runs. I have been trying to get into my game and do what got me here.

Early in the season, did you feel like you had you had to be the guy to drive in your teammates when there were runners in scoring position – an area the team struggled with early?

Chris Tremblay: I think me as a player – I always want to be the player who gets that hit or makes that play. I feel like that has gotten me to where I am. I have to understand that everyone in this lineup is a good player and can get the job done. You don't want to stress too much. You still want to be that guy.

You mentioned the two-seamers and sinkers are predominant. Do you feel like you are starting to swing outside of your zone?

Chris Tremblay: Sometimes. I think that just goes along with being in pro ball. Sometimes they have the advantage on you. It is a learning process. You learn what pitches you hit better and what pitches you struggle with. You start laying off those because you won't physically hit them as well as you did.

Are you happy with how you played defensively this year?

Chris Tremblay: I am happy with how I played. I worked with (Gary) Jonesy – our infield coach – on a few things. My arm felt great. It is as good as it has been in years. Everyone still has things to work on. I am pretty pleased with how I played.

Chris Tremblay: Some footwork stuff. I am trying to get away from crossing my feet. Now, I am shuffling my feet to get to the ball and getting through the ball to take away the stress on my arm as opposed to throwing mostly arm.

What kind of mental maturity have you gone through from high school through college and into professional ball?

Chris Tremblay: I wanted to play pro ball out of high school. Looking back on it now, I wouldn't have been mentally ready or physically ready. I am still learning right now. I am a real competitive guy. As anybody does, I hate to fail. Baseball is about failure. The more you play, the more you realize that things happen. You have to take it and not worry about what happened so much as about what can happen.

Having a coach like Greg Riddoch – how has that helped you?

Chris Tremblay: It has helped me a lot. I have talked to Skip about not being so hard on myself. It is about continuing to learn the game and maturing mentally and physically – not trying to put so much pressure on myself and getting out of my game. It is tough sometimes because of who I am as an athlete. I need to pull back sometimes.

Tremblay was a late addition to the Padres fall instructional league. He arrived there on Friday.

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