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Eugene, OR: Brownswell Patrick is in charge of most of the college pitchers drafted by the San Diego Padres, giving them the doctrine and mantras the organization will preach from now on. He has had a lot of pleasant surprises along the way, including from the ranks that came up with him from extended.

Do you feel like you get a good handle on the staff after the season when you meet these kids right out of the draft?

Bronswell Patrick: I do. Most of the guys, I read some of the reports. You read the reports but you don't get a true feeling of who a guy is until you see them come out and throw. Most of these guys are pretty sound in their mechanics. There are a few things we have to tweak. For the most part, you don't have to do any overhauling because these guys came from good programs and have an idea of how to pitch. Their mechancis aren't bad. There are always things they can improve upon to keep the ball down in the zone.

You had a few guys from extended that you brought up with you. Is there anyone that hasn't lived up to expections that you saw in extended?

Bronswell Patrick: Right off hand is Pedro, Pedro Hernandez. He was our Opening Day starter here. Pedro lost a little bit of confidence in his changeup. He is leaving it up in the zone. He wasn't leaving it up in Arizona the way he was here. This is a different league. Guys don't miss that pitch here. This is a college league and these guys have a good idea of how to hit. He has gotten in trouble with his fastball, throwing it right down the middle. Once again, these guys don't miss.

For the most part, it has been his changeup. That is his bread and butter pitch. When you leave it up, it gets hit hard.

Did anyone surprised you – someone that has perhaps performed better than original expectations?

Bronswell Patrick: I would have to say Mario Tabachnik. He is a young kid but has hangled himself pretty well out here. He has come out and thrown strikes . He has had a couple of games where it is up and down. He has a good curveball. I have been very impressed with how he has attacked hitters.

Al Angelucci is relatively new to pitching and has been placed here. That is quite a challenge for him.

Bronswell Patrick: It is. It is a challenge for him. You are talking about a guy who I had last year. He has a good arm and throws strikes. I have been working with him on his curveball, which has been outstanding at times. He has an idea. He played in the World Baseball Classic and got some experience out there – a great experience for him. He goes out and competes and wants to get better. It shows.

He gets angry at himself. I don't have a problem with that as far as when he doesn't do something he was hoping to do. Like when he wants to throw a fastball away and misses, you can see the anger inside of him.

For the most part, he has done a pretty good job throwing strikes. Being a converted outfielder, he has impressed me and done a good job for us.

It has been a big plus to watch Angelucci come in and do what he has done. He is a guy that hadn't been pitching well. Sometimes, he can be outstanding – impressing me and everyone else.

His curveball has been outstanding at times.

Jose DePaula didn't seem to be able to finish hitters off last year. He gave up hits when he had the hitter in a pitcher's count with two strikes. How has that improved – health aside?

Bronswell Patrick: It has improved because he is throwing his curveball. Last year, he didn't have the curveball he showed us in spring training. His curveball here was outstanding. That is something that got him in trouble last year. He didn't have an out pitch. He was throwing his changeup too hard. The only thing he had was his fastball.

He worked on his curveball during the offseason and it showed. That is one of his best pitches now. The kid has a bright future. He is around the plate. Once he has more confidence with the changeup, since the curveball is an out pitch, he is going to have a bright future. His curveball has been remarkable – up until he got hurt.

David Erickson is a guy you have placed into the closer role. What can you tell us about him?

Bronswell Patrick: A Univeristy of Connecticut kid with a good sinker, slider, changeup. The thing I like is he doesn't give in to anybody. He competes. David, especially, is one of those guys that throws strikes. He makes the guys put the ball in play and on the ground as a sinkerballer. I use him in the closer's role because that is what he did in college.

The first day he got here I ask these guys and he said he closed in college so I told him it would be his role here until you show me differently. He has done an outstanding job for us when we get to use him to save games for us. He has three quality pitches he can throw for strikes.

Tyson Bagley has always been a max effort guy. At times, it doesn't look like that has changed much despite efforts to the contrary.

Bronswell Patrick: He has calmed down a lot. Jimmy Jones and myself worked with him on being more calm with his head and not being so violent. It has really improved. He is a guy that hasn't pitched bad.

When we first saw him, he was a max effort guy that wanted to light up the radar gun. His velocity is down, which is fine because he is throwing more strikes. I would rather have a guy that can throw strikes than a guy who is trying to blow the radar gun up and doesn't know where it is going. He has been good about that this year, calming himself down and throwing more strikes.

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