Prospect Video: Nate Freiman & Ryan Hinson

San Diego Padres prospects Nate Freiman and Ryan Hinson saw success at different rates during their debut seasons. Freiman won the Northwest League RBI title while Hinson was valued so highly that the Friars sent him to Lake Elsinore twice during the season.

Nate Freiman made significant changes to his swing during the season. He began the year with his hands up around the top of his head as the pitch was delivered but dropped his hands six to eight inches, giving him a shorter path to the ball.

No one was more clutch than Freiman, as the big man routinely delivered with men in scoring position. He continues to refine his approach and has as much power as anyone in the system.

Ryan Hinson had a habit of dropping nearly to the ground on his finish and the Padres have asked him to stand taller on his follow-through to gain better command of his pitches.

San Diego has always struggled in finding a capable left-hander they can count on and believe Hinson has tools to work with. By standing taller, his pitches will have better break, the angle of the batter's eye will change and location will improve.

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