Padres Prospect Interview: Luis Domoromo

San Diego Padres prospect Luis Domoromo was happy with his 2009 season but understands it was only the beginning of his instruction. He has worked hard mechanically to improve his ability to drive the ball consistently.

You had a five-RBI game during the Instructional League. How did you feel that day?

Luis Domoromo: It was a good day. I always feel sorry when I can't help my team win, even when I have good days.

Talk about getting stronger over the last year and how that has helped your game.

Luis Domoromo: I worked hard to get stronger. I followed the Padres and coaches' instruction to work hard in the gym because I also knew it would help my game.

Were you happy with your 2009 season?

Luis Domoromo: Yes, I was happy with it. I had a slow start but got better as the season progressed. I really followed what my coaches told me to do and hope to keep it up.

You had some back pain this year. How did that affect you?

Luis Domoromo: It did affect me a little bit, and I still felt it during the Instructional League. It makes me weak. I am working on making my back stronger.

How important is pitch selection to your game?

Luis Domoromo: That is the most important thing in hitting. Get your pitch and be ready to hit it.

What are your memories of playing baseball as a kid in Venezuela?

Luis Domoromo: I have been in a couple of championships with Venezuela. What I loved about that is they are always trying to win. I started playing when I was five years old.

My parents pushed me to play baseball at that time.

You saw a lot more breaking balls this year. How will that help you in the future?

Luis Domoromo: I really learned how to stay back and recognize those pitches.

What did you work on during the Padres Instructional League?

Luis Domoromo: Separation and extension. I am working on getting a better load to my swing and making sure my hands are extended as they go through the hitting zone.

Do you feel like you need to continue to improve defensively?

Luis Domoromo: I think I have gotten better but know I need to work on a couple of things. I am working hard in that area as well.

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