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Glenn Abbott provided a pipeline of pitchers to the San Diego Padres. What was his thoughts on new guys Aaron Poreda, Adam Russell, Ryan Webb and Sean Gallagher, as well as the improvements of Cesar Ramos and Tim Stauffer.

You get Aaron Poreda from the Chicago White Sox – here is a guy I didnt know much about but what most were saying is he only had one pitch and it didn't help that he was out of the zone with you.

Glenn Abbott: Here's a guy if he could throw it over the plate, he'd pitch in the big leagues today.

His fastball is alive, it naturally cuts. He never threw a two-seamer since college and it's got good late life on it. We were throwing in the bullpen and as a matter of fact it had the type of life where a catcher wouldn't know if it was a two-seamer or a four-seamer – it had good life on it.

It's just getting him in the zone is the thing. He's a strong kid with a strong arm. His slider is pretty good, his slider will be better once he gets in the zone with a better confidence level. A lot of his sliders – he had guys keep swinging and missing with the sliders in Portland.

One game we were playing Iowa or Omaha and he threw five innings and he was very good. He was very good for five innings and then the sixth inning all of a sudden he started walking everybody again. They didn't hit a ball off the barrel of the bat. Everything was a little nice, easy, routine, ground ball. He's just got to get in the zone and I know he wants to do whatever it takes to get there. I just think he's a little green, he just wasn't quite ready for the triple a level when he came up there.

Adam Russell was another kid that came over in that trade. What did you see out of him? I think the runs he allowed all came in one game.

Glenn Abbott: I saw a guy that was very aggressive and I liked what I saw out of him. He throws 95 from down low three-quarters with a decent slider. I think he's going to help us. I liked what I saw from him. We couldn't do anything about it for an inning and it caused his numbers to be skewed. He was only with us for a few weeks, but that was the only glitch that he had and he hasn't had any glitches before that or after that. It was just one of those days. He's very aggressive and I think that helps him, and his size, he's so big. He's got a lot of good things going for him, and I think he could help us out. You mentioned Ceasar Ramos. He was going well early in the year and then got hurt and came back. Was he the same pitcher you saw earlier in the year? He did, of course, end up in the big leagues.

He had four starts in a row, and I commented to some other people in the organization about how he's starting to figure it out. I mean, he was going where I could see him in the big leagues. If he hadn't have gotten hurt he would have been in the big leagues.

As a matter of fact, Bob Cluck was in town in Oklahoma City on one of those games and he said, ‘Wow' on how impressive he was.

I was concerned about that too, he took a little step back, but not bad. He was starting to get some things coming back like he was in those four games before he got hurt. He got like a stiffness, there was no structural damage, but it was real tight. He even threw a couple good games with the tightness. he pitched four really good games. But when you lose that much time you don't know what's going to happen.

I just think he's not quite ready yet to go up there. I did see the improvement and he was getting his able to play better, even towards the end of the season when they did call him up. He's on the right road.

Tim Stauffer is another guy who you have seen in the past as well. Did he impress you?

Very much so. And I was so happy for him for what he has gone through. I was just tickled to death. He pitched very well for us. He located his pitches, it had crispness in them. I was just tickled the way he threw the ball. I was happy for him and he pitched like I thought he would. He pitched well up there, and that is not surprising at all.

Joe Thatcher has been terrific in Triple-A but struggled when he went to the big leagues. Things have clearly changed since he posted great numbers in San Diego. What happened?

I think him getting comfortable. I've had a lot of conversations with Joe. He gets up there and he starts pressuring a little bit. It's like a lot of guys they start stressing and they've just got to learn to relax. Just let their stuff work for the. We had a lot of conversations while he was here in Portland this year about that. I've seen where he's done better since he has been back up there. So hopefully he's on the right road also because his stuff is good enough, and the angle that he throws. He should be consistent.

You only had Ryan Webb for three games. What did you see out of Ryan in that brief snapshot?

He was sick every day. He pitched like four games for us, but I couldn't count on him because he pitched the first game and he had been sick for three days and he went out there and I could tell he had good stuff. Then I got the swine flu, or the flu, and I didn't see him the last three games he pitched because I was sick at home. So I didn't get a chance to see him pitch but that one time, but his stuff was good. He got all four pitches and his stuff all looked real good.

Did you get a chance to see Sean Gallagher at all?

He threw one inning for us. He threw one inning during the last week of the season. I could see he had pretty good stuff but he just didn't have command is all I saw in him.

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