Padres Prospects: Early spring notes

The rehabilitation trail is in full tilt, and several prospect will miss the beginning of the season. spoke with player development director Randy Smith about injuries, young players and Jed Hoyer's change in philosophy.

Injury Notes

  • Euclides Viloria

    Randy Smith: He is throwing in the Dominican. The plan is to bring him over for extended, depending on how he is going.

  • Jose DePaula and Simon Berroa

    Randy Smith: DePaula is moving along – he and Berroa are on about the same timetable. They both are throwing with no problems. I expect they would be back full-go in about six weeks or so.

  • Drew Miller

    Randy Smith: From what I understand, he is progressing well and feeling good. We are hoping for May.

  • Andrew Albers

    Randy Smith: Albers is not with able to participate in our regular group. He is probably still a few months away.

  • Kendall Korbal

    Randy Smith: Korbal just had another procedure to remove some scar tissue (on Wednesday). That is his third procedure since he signed. He is a ways away.

  • Ty Wright

    Randy Smith: He had an ACL injury over the winter.

  • Kellen Kulbacki

    Randy Smith: He has been in minicamp and is swinging the bat, running and feeling very good. We are counting on him at that San Antonio level. He is full go.

  • Player News

    What has been the quick impression of Donavan Tate – a guy you get to wrap your eyes around for the first time?

    Randy Smith: Obviously, he is a tremendous athlete. He has shown a lot of competitiveness. That was evident. His hitters group – he is in there with Everett Williams, Rymer Liriano and Edinson Rincon. It is a pretty good young group. They keep pushing each other every day. It has been pretty fun to watch those guys.

    Have you seen the progress of a Rymer Liriano over the winter workouts early in camp with his plate discipline?

    Randy Smith: We are only two weeks into minicamp. It is a little early. He has made strides with his pitch recognition and plate discipline. He still has a ways to go. They are all young kids and all get along really well. As I said, they all push each other.

    Rincon scored the winning run in the big league game (on Wednesday). He got a pinch-hit and walked on a tough 3-2 pitch and then came around to score on a double. He is doing great. He will probably be one of the young leaders on that Fort Wayne club.

    We spoke with Jed Hoyer this past weekend and one of the things he mentioned was sending a clear message out to the minor leaguers regarding his philosophies, and you are part of getting that message out, obviously. Has that been a topic of conversation?

    Randy Smith: We have addressed it. It is a two-fold approach. You need to address the staff and tell them about our change in philosophies, which we have done. They have gotten that message loud and clear. The players in our minicamp have heard it when I addressed the group, and they can certainly tell by what we are stressing – the fundamentals, the base running. We have really emphasized base running, bunting, base hit bunting – all the fundamentals, the little parts of the game.

    They understand the importance we are placing on it, and they understand that if they are going to play in San Diego, they have to be complete players.

    If they didn't get the message verbally, they are getting it through their daily routine.

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