Padres Prospect Interview: Everett Williams

Everett Williams was a second-round pick of the Padres in the 2009 draft out of McCallum High School in Austin, Texas. Williams was part of a draft that included Donavan Tate and Keyvius Sampson, other high risk/high reward high school picks that marked a distinct turn from the previous college heavy drafts that the Padres had employed.

The left-hand hitting Williams profiles as either a center or left fielder, with speed and enough power to hit the gaps. The Padres were able to convince him to forgo a full ride to the University of Texas, and the athletic Williams is the type of player that the new regime envisions in its future, athletic with a disciplined approach at the plate.

As opposed to Tate, Williams was able to get some time in the Arizona and Northwest Leagues and participated fully in the Instructional Leagues. Another difference between the two is the Williams was not splitting time between football and baseball in high school and has played much more baseball experience than Tate, and of the three high draft picks, Williams was the only one to break camp with a full season team.

We caught up with him at the end of spring training before he shipped out to Fort Wayne.

Being from Texas, it must have been a pretty tough decision not to go to the University of Texas. What were some of the factors that led you to decide to go pro?

Everett Williams: It wasn't a hard decision because I knew where I wanted to go coming into the draft. You know if things worked out differently I definitely would have enjoyed going to UT and playing baseball but doing this is always what I have dreamed about.

How did you get to be a left-handed hitter as right-handed thrower?

Everett Williams: My mom, who was a very good softball player, she bats left and throws right, so I got it from her.

What was the biggest thing that you learned after coming out. Obviously the competition is better but did anything really stand out?

Everett Williams: Everything is just new. Being out on your own and having that responsibility. Baseball wise the pitching and competition are better, but, for me, the biggest thing was staying short to the ball.

Compared to your friends that are in college do you feel that you have much more responsibility over your own career? It seems like when I have been watching you here in camp there are so many things that you are out here doing on your own?

Everett Williams: I feel like here you have to work more to get better. In college it's more about the team working to get better. Here it is both; you want to get better as a team but they also want to see improvement from you.

What are some of the main things that you have been doing to try to improve?

Everett Williams: The main thing for me is staying short to the ball and recognizing pitches. I want to get better at everything, but those are the two big ones.

Are you looking forward to going to Fort Wayne? That is some cold weather for a guy from Texas?

Everett Williams: [laughs] It doesn't matter man, I'm ready for anything. I just want to get out there and play ball, that is what I signed up for.

What position do you like in the field more. Do you see yourself as more of a center fielder or corner outfielder?

Everett Williams: I've always played center field but I don't mind playing left or right, whatever gets me to the top.

Even pitching?

Everett Williams: [laughing] No, there isn't going to be no pitching.

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