Maverick Ahanmisi To Make Minnesota Visit

Maverick Ahanmisi, a 6-foot-1 point guard from Tarazana (CA) Stoneridge Prep, will visit Minnesota Wednesday, according to Branch West AAU coach Bob Gottlieb. Ahanmisi was headed to Boise State, but went to Stoneridge Prep after failing to clear the NCAA Clearinghouse. Minnesota is looking for point guard depth with the expected transfer of Justin Cobbs.

Maverick Ahanmisi, the son of a Nigerian father and Philpino mother. played high school basketball at Golden Valley. He finished his career as the school's all-time leading scorer and three-point shooter. He averaged 12.5 points per game as a sophomore, 15.8 as a junior and 20.2 points as a senior.

Ahanmisi played this season at Stoneridge Prep and will make a Big Ten visit this weekend, according to Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service head Bob Gottlieb.

He is visiting Minnesota on Wednesday," Gottlieb said. "All indications are that they will offer and he is likely to accept.

Gottlieb said that Ahanmisi has attraction plenty of recruiting attention.

"A lot of people are showing interest," Gottlieb said. "Boise State tried to sign him last summer and brought him into campus and offered him a scholarship. He basically accepted, but he found out that his paper work was not complete for the Clearinghouse. He would have had to pay $10,000 until the Clearinghouse cleared him, which we found was going to take a month or two because of the backlog of football players. They can't put you on scholarship until you are cleared by the Clearinghouse and his dad turned that down. SMU and Weber State tried to sign him in the fall and he put that off until the spring. Right now, there are a number of schools like Tulane, Pacific, St. Mary's and Miami. Right now, the big thing is going to be Minnesota. He is leaning towards that and I spoke to Tubby myself directly last week and I think that they are leaning towards offering him and I think that he is going to accept."

Gottlieb said that Ahanmisi had a breakthrough performance that attracted the interest in Boise State last summer.

"They were there when he had ten threes (seven in the second half) against the Joe Ward All-Stars from Phoenix and had 37 points," Gottlieb said. "They were one of the few schools that had a scholarship left from the fall, so they tried to sign him. When the problem came up with the Clearinghouse, they couldn't go any further."

Gottlieb said that Ahanmisi played a key role for a talented Stoneridge team this fall. Ahanmisi was expected to play this season at Mississippi Elite Christian Academy in Jackson, but decided to attend a porep school closer to home.

"He had a solid year for them," Gottlieb said. "They were an inside-orientated team. They had Enes Kanter, who is the best player in the country. He is 6-foot-10 and from Turkey and he signed with Kentucky. It was a different system. Everything was funneled through him, but he (Ahanmisi) still had a solid year. They lost to Findlay Prep by one, just before Findlay won the national championship and he had 15 in that game.

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