DSL Padres 2010 Opening Day roster

The Dominican Summer League Padres open the season without a single pitcher that throws left-handed. In fact, no position player is left-handed either. They do, however, have some interesting names to keep an eye on.

The Padres lucked into a few names that they expect to make some noise this year. Catcher Jacob Beltre is one of those headliners, signed for next to nothing when he originally commanded well into the six-figures. Outfielders Yoan Alcantara and Fabel Filpo will garner a lot of attention - both are athletic with live bats.

The Padres are also excited to see if several veterans can progress, including Ariel Familia and Jairo Gomes.


Rudi Andujar
Marlon Claveria
Andres Cornelio
Jean Corpas
Vladimir De La Cruz
Tayron Guerrero
Freddys Henrique
Ivan Marcano
Ruben Mejia
Jose Paulino
Uber Paz
Carlos Pimentel
Eddy Rivera
Bryan Rodriguez
Elvin Tavarez


Jacob Beltre
]Miguel Del Castillo
Fernando Escarra


Reynaldo Brugeura
Felix Cabrera
Jairo Gomez
Cristhofer Martinez
Gabriel Quintana
Ricardo Valenzuela


Yoan Alcantara
Ariel Familia
Fabel Filpo
Alberth Martinez
Luis Tejada

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