Padres Prospect Interview: Corey Adamson

When you talk about projection, San Diego Padres prospect Corey Adamson fits in perfectly. He has an abundance of tools. At 18, and from Australia, he is looking to put all of his athleticism into production as he assimilates to the professional game played here.

Corey, talk to me a little bit about adapting to the culture.

Corey Adamson: Well, it's similar, but it's still a little bit different. Has it been a challenge thus far having come from Australia to here?

Corey Adamson: I think it would have been more of a challenge, but I've made two other trips the past two years to get used to it. There are still little things that are confusing, but I'm getting more used to it.

What is confusing?

Corey Adamson: Weird stuff that people are saying. You have your own slang over here, and I have no idea what's going on. And then I'll say something and everyone's got no idea what I've got going on…(laugh)

(Laughs) You came over here last year and played in the Arizona Rookie League. When I talked to Coach Skube, one of the things he felt was that maybe you were a little intimidated by the league. Is that a fair assessment?

Corey Adamson: Yeah, it is. I knew that. That's why I didn't come over for the full season. I had to finish school, but I wanted to be better prepared for this season. Now I'm 18, got bigger, and have a lot more knowledge of the game. I'll just be better off for it.

What did you learn about yourself during that process and maybe even some of the struggles?

Corey Adamson: Just that I'm a guy that really gets on myself. I get frustrated if I get out. All the coaches work with me on that. I have to have a level head because I'm going to be playing a bunch of games this year.

So what kind of player are you?

Corey Adamson: I guess I'm… well I'd like to think I'm a bit of a lead-off guy. Lead off from the bases, steal a lot of bases this year. But then back it up with a bit of power, without just using little singles and such. In the outfield, I want to be a player that tracks down everything, and gets to as much as I want to and I'm capable of.

Now, when you hear a lot of these guys talking about "Petco Park" kind of players, that fits into what you're saying, right?

Corey Adamson: Yeah, like maybe not home runs, but still have a little bit of power when it's needed. Just long-line drives and running the bases as well as I can.

So, if you had a weakness, what would it be right now?

Corey Adamson: My weakness would probably be adjusting to different pitches like the left-handed off-speeds. Still working on that, I've been working on that for awhile. I've pretty much got the right-handed guys almost covered, but just left-handed off-speeds, especially left-handed curveballs that start inside and go outside. I tend to lunge forward on them sometimes.

Now, you mentioned earlier, about last year being able to experience it. How far have you grown since playing baseball to now spring training?

Corey Adamson: A lot. I can feel it, even in size. I was over there last year, and was a lot littler than everyone else. They've still got a couple pounds on me, but I'm getting there. (Laughs) And then in the field, knowledge of the game and what I'm doing, how I approach everything. I just feel a lot stronger this year.

What kind of adjustments have you made? Is it more mechanical, or mental?

Corey Adamson: I guess the mental side, I think just as a learning curve. But also mechanical, because I've witnessed how much we train over here so I took that back to Australia. I got my own batting cage and machine in my back yard. I've taken up running with a running coach. I've just been trying every single day to get myself as prepared as possible for over here.

Ok. How do some of these situational hitting drills help you? Can you take those kinds of things into a game?

Corey Adamson: Yes. I love situational hitting drills. I do them all the time… t-work, anything. The situational hitting drills help me get my hands short through the ball, long through it, and just help me in the game.

What are the 2010 goals for Corey Adamson?

Corey Adamson: Well, I'm guessing I'll probably be in the Arizona League, so I just want to steal as many bases as I can safely, and get thrown out as little as possible. I want to work myself, hopefully, into a starting role in center field. If not, just a starting role, and hopefully a lead-off guy.

If there was one hitter you could hit in front of all year long, who would it be and why?

Corey Adamson: It's got to be Cody Decker. Just because I would get on and steal a base, and he would either put it over and score us both, or hit a line drive and score myself.

That was a good choice. Which pitcher are you glad is a teammate of yours, so you don't have to face him, and why?

Corey Adamson: Adys Portillo. He's a big Venezuelan, he's got good off-speeds, throws up above 90. He's just a dirty pitcher.

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