Padres Draft Interview: Sean Dwyer

The San Diego Padres saw a natural hitter in Sean Dwyer and took him in the 15th-round, eyeing a chance to take him away from a college commitment. This is one that could pay off in a big way if they can get Dwyer inked.

Talk a little bit about getting selected in the 15th round by the San Diego Padres today? What were you feeling when you saw your name flash up on the screen?

Sean Dwyer: It was pretty exciting. It is something you work for your entire life. When you finally get to see your name, it is a little bit of relief. I am excited for the opportunity.

You have a commitment to Florida Gulf Coast. How tough is it going to be get you away from that and get you started in professional baseball.

Sean Dwyer: I am not really sure right now. It is something I will need to talk over with my family. I know I am going to play in the collegiate league over the summer and we'll see where is goes from there.

You have done some pitching in the past. They announced you as a first baseman. Where do you see yourself?

Sean Dwyer: First base. I like to hit. That is where my future is at.

What are the strengths to your game?

Sean Dwyer: Definitely my approach at the plate.

Does approach mean pitch selection?

Sean Dwyer: Knowing what I want to do in each at bat. Pitch selection and knowing the game and playing it the right way.

What do you need to improve upon?

Sean Dwyer: My fielding. I know that they are going to want to see me in the outfield as an extra position.

You are 6'1", 190 pounds. Do you need to fill out your frame with the expectation that you will get stronger and more and more power will come?

Sean Dwyer: The way I have always thought about it, is that "with size comes power". As I get older and mature I will get stronger. Hopefully that will help with my power.

Who has been your favorite team growing up?

Sean Dwyer: The Boston Red Sox. That is where my family is from and it is kind of hard not being a Red Sox fan in our family. But the Padres are definitely an excellent organization and I am excited about the opportunity.

Favorite player?

Sean Dwyer: I am actually more of a Justin Morneau fan because I like the way he plays.

Is there somebody your game resembles?

Sean Dwyer: Justin Morneau. I like to look up to him and copy that.

What do you think your teammates would say about the way you play the game.

Sean Dwyer: I am never going to not give 100%. I am a team player. I am not selfish. I like to play the game and it is always fun to have people around you who respect the game and respect you as a player.

When I talked to the Padres, they said you had great makeup. What does that mean?

Sean Dwyer: It is a respect thing. I treat people the way I want to be treated. Growing up the right way. Education is pretty important. I have a year and half into college right now and that will play into my decision. Being a good person.

What is the transition going to be like going to the wood bat.

Sean Dwyer: I have been hitting with a wood bat for a while. I actually feel more comfortable with a wood bat than I do with aluminum. I think my swing is short enough that it is easy to transition to a wood bat. I am excited.

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