Eugene Emeralds Notebook II

Eugene, OR: Baseball on a summer Sunday is almost as good as skipping school to catch Opening Day. The Emeralds, however, had to play a bit short-handed. Four bullpens took place on Sunday in a shortened practice session.

  • With Chris Tremblay out due to a concussion, third baseman Paul Bingham joined him on the shelf with a battered ankle suffered when he was hit by a pitch on Saturday.

    That left the Emeralds short a healthy infielder with Jorge Minyeti, Tyler Stubblefield and Connor Powers the only three regular infielders.

    Cole Tyrell stepped away from his recently acquired catching duties to take over third.

  • Tyrell is actually making the move to catcher from college shortstop. A fleet-footed infielder with good natural instincts, Tyrell has been getting peppered with balls in the dirt as he prepares for what could be a starting gig as a backstop.

    He has already received some game time, coming in during a blowout. Moving positions has given him an appreciation for the art.

    "I used to think shortstop was the hardest position because of all the responsibilities," Tyrell said. "Catching is definitely the position with the most responsibility. You have to be communicating on every pitch, know the pitch sequences, know the hitter…"

    Daily drills include taking balls off his chest protector as he puts both hands behind his back. No welts thus far for Tyrell, but he did admit to getting hit you know where on the very first ball in the dirt.

  • Four pitchers threw bullpens on Sunday. Right-handers Chris Franklin, Matt Irsfeld and Dexter Carter and left-hander Mark Hardy took their turns on the bump.

    Frankiin worked almost exclusively on his changeup. A hard thrower that features a fastball/slider combination, Franklin was eyeing a pitch that could throw off a hitter's timing.

    "I want a pitch I can throw to right-handers," Franklin said. "I don't want to be throwing everything hard. This will give me something that I can disrupt a hitter's timing with."

    Irsfeld was testing out his body after suffering an oblique injury. He didn't go full tilt, utilizing 80-90 percent of his normal exertion. He was feeling positive afterwards.

    Carter continues to work on repeating his mechanics. He has made some changes to his arm angle and motion to gain better command of his pitches. It remains a work in progress with recent outings showing improvement.

    Hardy has his second session in as many days. This was one where he really wanted to work on hitting his corners.

    "It could have gone better," Hardy said.

    "Hardy is such a perfectionist," catcher Cole Tyrell said. "If he misses a pitch, he will come right back to it until he hits his spot. That is a great attribute."

  • Pitchers have to run between starts to maintain and increase their stamina. Running allows pitchers to go deeper into games without feeling as many affects due to fatigue.

    Did you also know it helps speed up the recovery process of the arm? Proper conditioning actually decreases the recovery time an arm needs rest.

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