Padres Prospect Interview: B.J. Guinn

When the San Diego Padres selected B.J. Guinn, they envisioned his athletic ability leading to a dynamic game that pushed the pace – the exact player they envision playing in Petco Park.

Congratulations on getting drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 11th round. What is the overall feeling like?

B.J. Guinn: It is excitement. I was ready to get started and get out there with my career as soon as it happened.

This is your second time getting drafted. Does it get any easier?

B.J. Guinn: Yes. In high school, at 18 years old, everything is moving so fast. But as you mature a little bit, it gets easier.

How have you matured as a baseball player since getting drafted by Chicago in the 10th round?

B.J. Guinn: In three years, you get stronger and the overall life experiences mature you as a person. You become an adult.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a baseball player?

B.J. Guinn: My strengths are hand speed, quickness, agility and mainly defense. My weaknesses would be power. But eventually you develop that and grow into that.

Do you feel that you need to add a little weight? The site I have lists you at 6'1", 161 lbs. Is that still true today?

B.J. Guinn: I am a bit over 170 lbs now. As I get older, I will be adding weight gradually each year. That will not be a problem.

You stole 15 bases last year. You come into an organization that is very aggressive on the base paths. How can you use your speed to up that number?

B.J. Guinn: The freedom of being able to run will be essential. In college, they do not always allow you to run like you might want to. They want to control the game a little more.

You had 23 walks last week. How important is pitch selection to your overall game?

B.J. Guinn: Pitch selection is very important. I try to get on base as a lead-off hitter or a number two hitter and then use my speed on the base paths.

Where do you fit in best? You mentioned both the leadoff hitter and the second hole. Where do you see yourself?

B.J. Guinn: Either one. I have hit number one most of my life and then entered college and began hitting in the number two spot as well.

Is it the execution of small ball, hit and run, and moving runners over that you excel in as well?

B.J. Guinn: Yes. I am definitely a good executioner.

Your dad was selected in the 5th round in 1983 by the As. How has he helped you throughout this process?

B.J. Guinn: He has helped in every way over the course of my life. He had helped me mentally and physically. He has trained me and given me a great work ethic.

How will it change when you go into professional baseball and you will get varying opinions on what you need to do to improve your game? You will need to pick and choose what you need to do. Before it was just your Dad who was giving you the instruction.

B.J. Guinn: I have been around the game a long time just as my Dad had. I will listen to everybody and take everything in stride.

Was there one piece of advice that your Dad gave you that stands out?

B.J. Guinn: Work hard. Work as hard as you can to get the best out of yourself and reach your maximum potential.

Have you been compared to a particular Major League player?

B.J. Guinn: Yes. Guys say that I remind them of Jose Reyes, and a bit of Ozzie Smith in terms of hands and defense. I have heard those two before.

ASIDE - Can you do the somersault that Ozzie used to do?

B.J. Guinn: Yes. Great gymnastic ability.

What do you look forward to as you head into Major League baseball.

B.J. Guinn: The ability to play every day and to play freely. You love the game so much and you want to play it all the time.

What would your teammates say about the way you play the game?

B.J. Guinn: I play hard and I play to win.

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