Padres Prospect Interview: Daniel Meeley

When the San Diego Padres selected Daniel Meeley in the 16th-round of the 2010 MLB Draft, few expected him to shine in full season ball. He has done just that, starring on a strong Fort Wayne club that has been elevated since his arrival.

Congratulations on getting drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 18th round. What was the experience like for you?

Daniel Meeley: It was pretty exhilarating, actually. It was a very good feeling.

Talk a little bit about your game. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Daniel Meeley: My strengths would be my bat. I can hit for power and I hit for a good average. Another strength would be my arm. My weakness would be my speed factor.

You hit 22 home runs, 22 doubles, led the NCAA Region II in hits. Do you feel there is a bad rap for the Conner States of the world?

Daniel Meeley: No. As you see Marcus went in the 3rd round to Toronto. It is not all bad.

What do you look forward to as you go into professional baseball?

Daniel Meeley: Going to play. Living the dream.

What do you need to do to improve? You go into professional baseball with a grueling schedule every day that you may not be used to.

Daniel Meeley: I cannot say that I haven't had those kind of schedules because I have played baseball. I do not know what's coming, but I will have to adapt it. If I adapt, I can get comfortable and just be myself.

How comfortable are you with the wood bat? Is that a wood bat league you are in?

Daniel Meeley: No, but I feel very comfortable with the wood bat.

Is it something you have done in the past?

Daniel Meeley: Yes. We have played wood bat in inner-squad games and I have hit pretty well with wood bats.

What do you know about Houston Slemp because he was taken by the Padres in the 10th round.

Daniel Meeley: I knew he was from Eastern and that is basically all I really know. I have seen him hit and he hits pretty well. He is good hitter.

Has anyone compared you a particular Major League player?

Daniel Meeley: I have heard Jim Edmonds, more than anyone.

Does that include his defense? He used to go over the shoulder for those catches.

Daniel Meeley: Yes. I actually have a really good glove too. It is all pretty good except the speed part. I have been working on that lately.

How do you work on speed?

Daniel Meeley: I never really lifted weight with my legs. I have been doing that lately. I have been running a lot more than I had been and stretching a lot more. I have been taking care of myself and having a better diet as well.

What would your teammates say about the way you play?

Daniel Meeley: Honestly, I never really asked them. I just went out there and played. Some people came up to me and said that I was one of the best baseball players they had seen as an all-around baseball player who was good at knowing situations and knowing what to do at the right time.

I never really let it go to my head. I just went out there and played every day.

Who was your favorite team growing up?

Daniel Meeley: I was a Mariner's fan because I was a Griffey fan.

And Griffey was your favorite player, so were you sad to see him retire.

Daniel Meeley: Yes. I was sad to see him retire.

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