Makes Official Debut

While Phillies fans wait for next year's opening of the Phillies new ballpark, the wait is over for a new place for Phillies fans to play. is here and ready to bring fans daily info on Phillies baseball from the Hall of Famers to the guys just out of high school.

How is different from other Phillies sites? Most sites give you the scores, the stats, the transactions and a few random thoughts about what they think the team should do. will bring you the basics with all of the scores and team info that you need, but we'll pride ourselves on bringing you something more. Why wasn't a trade made? Why was a pitching change made? Why, why, why? After all, we've all asked that simple question; "Why…?" will fill in the blanks with the answers to those questions.

Watch for our upcoming injury reports. Not just who has what injury, but insights from health care professionals on just what causes that injury, how long it takes to heal and what does it mean for the Phillies? We won't just tell you that Mike Lieberthal has a recurrence of a pelvis injury, we'll tell you how it happened, how it's treated and what might the long-term effects be on Lieberthal and the Phillies. Plus, since the information won't be coming only from Phillies sources, our health care reporters will be able to speak freely about specific types of injuries.

 Other features that are in the works include information on collectables, the business of baseball and a look back at the Phillies of yesteryear and a look ahead to the Phillies of the future.

Much of the content on will be free content for all Phillies fans. The true die-hards though, will want a premium subscription plan to get even more insight and more of the behind the scenes information.

For the more articulate of the Phillies Phaithful, we offer the chance to become a part of our family. Whether you want to report on the day's game or give your thoughts on Phillies baseball, we'll offer the opportunity to express those thoughts.

So, while we may not be as exciting as the new Phillies ballpark, at least we didn't cost as much to build. We hope to have you back often, whether it's as a reader and fan of the site, or as part of our team.

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