Polanco Excited To Have Pence in Philly

After two games with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and a major new addition to the Phillies roster, third baseman Placido Polanco can't wait to get back into the Phillies lineup.

Placido Polanco hasn't had a lot of offensive success in his two games with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. He's 0-for-6 with a walk in those two games and the club has lost both of the games that he played in.

The important thing though is how Polanco feels, and while he admits he's not 100%, he also believes he's at a point where he can play through the injury. And now, with Hunter Pence on his way to Philadelphia to join the Phillies, Polanco is also hoping that the Phillies will be convinced that he's in good enough shape to return to his regular spot at third base.

"I'm here to see some pitches and see how my back feels," reported Polanco. "So far, it feels good."

For as good as his back feels, Polanco's psyche feels even better after the news of Hunter Pence becoming a Phillie. "He's a great player and he always plays hard. It's great," said a smiling Polanco after Friday night's IronPigs' 4-3 loss to Pawtucket.

While Polanco feels he's strong enough to play with the Phillies, there are no guarantees where he'll wind up on Saturday. "I'm going to Philly," said Polanco in the 'Pigs clubhouse.

The problem is that just a little earlier, 'Pigs manager Ryne Sandberg said that as far as he knows, he'll have Polanco for at least one more game. "Unless something changes or someone tells me differently, he'll be at third base with us tomorrow [Saturday] night."

Polanco did leave Lehigh Valley for the hour-long drive to Philly Friday night, but who knows if he'll be making the trip back on Saturday? All he knows for sure right now, is that he wants to be at third base for the Phillies and be part of their revamped lineup featuring Hunter Pence.

As for who exits the Phillies roster, the likely candidate is Domonic Brown. With Pence in tow, Brown will likely head to the 'Pigs to learn to play left field, where the Phillies will pencil him into the lineup next season when Raul Ibanez leaves as a free agent.

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