Galvis' Arrival at Triple-A Starts Well

It seems like Freddy Galvis has been a prospect forever, but the shortstop prospect is still just 21. After being promoted from Double-A Reading earlier this month, Galvis is off to a good start at his new home with Lehigh Valley.

"It's been nice having you here, but we're no longer going to be teammates," explained Reading manager Mark Parent when he called Freddy Galvis to tell him he was headed for Triple-A.

Galvis wouldn't admit it, but he had to be thinking 'it's about time'.

Actually, over the past month or so, something clicked in Galvis and he knew he was ready for the next level. "Back around July 15, I started thinking that I'm ready to go to Triple-A, but I didn't want to think about it too much."

After nearly 1,000 at-bats at the Double-A level, there had been talk of Galvis moving up a level for some time. Instead though, the Phillies continued to be patient with Galvis and kept working with him to be more of an impact offensive player. They even put Galvis on an off-season strength and conditioning program that appears to have paid off.

"I worked all off-season on my upper body and I think that helped a lot," said Galvis. "I'm hitting the ball harder and when you hit the ball harder, you can get more hits."

Through his first nine games with Lehigh Valley, Galvis is hitting .273 with four RBI and hit safely in six of the nine games, including his first four games with the 'Pigs. He's also shown the flashy defense that he has always been known for since coming to the Phillies organization out of the Dominican Summer League.

"He does a nice job at shortstop and he came up swinging an aggressive bat," reported 'Pigs manager Ryne Sandberg. "When the ball's in the strike zone, he's got a chance to hit." Sandberg also believes that Galvis brought a good energy to the club, which may be important as the IronPigs battle for a playoff spot.

It could also be important as Galvis battles to assume his long-held role as the Phillies shortstop of the future. Almost from the time the Phillies signed Galvis as a 16 year-old, he was anointed to be the one to follow Rollins in the shortstop spot in Philadelphia. While Galvis admits that he's heard all of those rumblings, he hasn't allowed himself to truly buy into them or think about them too much.

"I always hear that kind of stuff [being compared to Rollins], but I don't pay much attention to it. I just try to play the game for the present and not think too much about the future," said Galvis.

He may not be paying too much attention to the comparisons, but Galvis does admit to being a fan of Rollins and keeping an eye on him throughout his career. "Ever since I signed with the Phillies, I keep watching what he [Rollins] does, because he's the guy ahead of me," said Galvis. "I just watched him and how he played and what he did for the team and it made me play hard."

While Galvis has stayed away from thinking too hard about the future, preferring instead to focus on the present, it's sinking in that he's getting closer and closer to his dream of playing in the majors. Not only is he on the 40 man roster, but he's now just one level below the majors. He's also off to a good start with Lehigh Valley and it's not out of the question that he'll get a September promotion to get his feet wet in Philadelphia. It's been a long time coming for the 21 year-old Galvis, but he's finally in a spot where the shortstop of the future tag may fit.

"I look at who is there to go to the big leagues before me and now I see nobody else, because I'm at Triple-A."

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