2012 Roster Projection: Clearwater Threshers

With the cream of the Phillies prospect crop in the lower minor leagues, Clearwater will start to see some of those players in 2012. Of course, they'll lose some of the prospects from their 2011 club in return.

The Clearwater Threshers just missed the Florida State League playoffs this season. Unfortunately for Clearwater, many of the better prospects that were on their club will be advancing up the ladder to Reading, but they'll also have some key holdovers and a fresh addition of talent from Lakewood to keep them competitive in 2012.

Right-Handed Pitchers: Lisalberto Bonilla (LKW), David Buchanan (CLW), Lendy Castillo (LKW), Garrett Claypool (LKW), Brody Colvin (CLW), Tyler Knigge (LKW), Eric Pettis (CLW), Colby Shreve (CLW), Juan Sosa (CLW),

Left-Handed Pitchers: Jesse Biddle (LKW), Tommy Palica (CLW)

Catchers: Torre Langley (CLW), Jeff Lannan (LKW), Cameron Rupp (LKW),

First Basemen: Jim Murphy (LKW)

Second Basemen: Cesar Hernandez (CLW), Alan Schoenberger (CLW),

Third Basemen: Carlos Alonso (LKW), Travis Mattair (CLW)

Shortstops: Troy Hanzawa (RDG)

Outfielders: Leandro Castro (CLW), Brian Gump (CLW), Anthony Hewitt (LKW), D'Arby Myers (CLW)

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