2012 Roster Projection: Reading Phillies

The Reading Phillies reached the Eastern League playoffs in 2011. For next season, some of their key players will depart for Lehigh Valley, but they'll also add a few nice prospects from Clearwater.

For many players, the move to Double-A separates the true prospects from the pretender prospects. Most scouts will tell you that the jump to Double-A is the toughest jump for players to make, which explains why a number of players wind up repeating the level and playing there for more than one season. The Phillies have a number of players who should figure to be returning Reading Phillies and others who figure to move up the ladder from Clearwater to Reading.

You'll also notice that there are holes in the middle infield and a few other positions are a little light on players. Those spots could potentially be filled by minor league free agents, or possibly, players who will be challenged a little by jumping further than we've projected.

Right-Handed Pitchers: Tyson Brummett (RDG), Jordan Ellis (RDG), Joe Esposito (RDG), Chris Kissock (RDG), Trevor May (CLW), J.C. Ramirez (RDG),  Julio Rodriguez (CLW), B.J. Rosenberg (RDG), Jordan Whatcott (CLW)

Left-Handed Pitchers: Jonathan Pettibone (CLW)

Catchers: Tim Kennelly (RDG), Sebastian Valley (CLW)

First Basemen: Darin Ruf (CLW)

Second Basemen:  

Third Basemen: Jeremy Barnes (CLW)


Outfielders: Jiwan James (CLW), Steve Susdorf (RDG)

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