Draft Preview: Who The Phillies Will Pick

Draft Day is here and it's time for the bottom line. Who do the Phillies draft and what does it mean for the Phillies farm system? <I>PhillyBaseballNews.com</I> takes a shot at peeking over the shoulder of the Phillies draft dudes, with our inaugural look at the Phillies Mock Draft, Rounds 1-5. Of course, this year, that means just three picks, but hey, it's what we've got to work with.

The Phillies apparently have narrowed the list of names that they're watching down to twelve. Six high schoolers – three of them pitchers – and six college guys, three of whom are also pitchers. With that in mind, let's get to work.

Best guesses, the ones that the Phillies are looking at are as follows: Greg Moviel, Jake Stevens and Chuck Tiffany (high school pitchers). Matt Antonelli (IF), Daric Barton (C) and Sean Rodriguez (IF) (high school position players). Chad Lanier, Sean White and Bob Zimmerman (college pitchers). Javi Herrera (C), David Murphy (OF) and Lou Palmisano (C) (college position players). It's possible that they could have catcher Landon Powell (University of South Carolina) as one of their college position players, but it's likely that he'll go ten or fifteen picks before the Phillies get their chance. If Powell is there, it's a no-brainer.

The Phillies are drafting based on need, so they'll look first at catchers. With any luck, Barton, Herrera and Palmisano will all be there for the Phillies to choose from. Daric Barton (Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California) is probably the guy with the best potential. Most scouts think he can be in the majors faster than a lot of high school players and when he gets there, he'll be a quality player. Actually, some scouts figure him to be in the majors faster than Herrera or Palmisano, which is attractive to the Phillies.

If they decide that none of the catchers available are what they're looking for, then they probably look at outfielder David Murphy (Baylor University) although, it's possible that he'll be gone by the time the Phillies pick. Sean Rodriguez has played mostly shortstop in high school, but he's played some center field and scouts won't be surprised if he could play there in the majors. That would put him above Matt Antonelli, who is a pure shortstop. If the Phillies, who have solid shortstop prospects, are going to draft a position that they're already deep in, they would probably take a pitcher.

Speaking of pitchers, it's going to be tough to pass on Jake Stevens (Cape Coral High School, Florida). Stevens has all the tools and should be there when the Phillies pick. After Stevens, Chuck Tiffany (Charter Oaks High School, California) would be a solid pick. The Phillies can be patient with a high school pitcher since they already have a lot of young pitching prospects coming along, but if they look at the college ranks, Bob Zimmerman (SouthWest Missouri State) would probably be their first choice. Sean White (University of Washington) and Chad Lanier (Brevard College) are both good, but slightly behind the others.

With all that said and done, here's the Phillies pecking order.

  1. Landon Powell – catcher (University of South Carolina)
  2. Daric Barton – catcher (Marina High School)
  3. Jake Stevens – pitcher (Cape Coral High School)
  4. David Murphy – center fielder (Baylor University)
  5. Chuck Tiffany – pitcher (Charter Oaks High School)
  6. Sean Rodriguez – shortstop/center fielder (Braddock High School)
  7. Lou Palmisano – catcher (Broward Junior College)
  8. Sean White – pitcher (University of Washington)
  9. Bob Zimmerman – pitcher (SW Missouri State)
  10. Javi Herrera – catcher (University of Tennessee)
  11. Greg Moviel – pitcher (St.Ignatius High School)
  12. Chad Lanier – pitcher (Brevard, NC College)
  13. Matt Antonelli – shortstop (St. John's Prep School)

The Pick: Daric Barton

Round Four: The pickings get a little slimmer, but there are still some quality players. If the Phillies didn't get their catcher in round three, they will here. If somebody slips, they'll go there, but if not, look for Cody Collet (Newbury Park High School), or Jordan Newton (Larue County High School). Newton would be a bit of a stretch and Collet should still be there, so he would likely be the pick. If they got their catcher, then, they might go with outfielder Josh Anderson (Eastern Kentucky University) or Andre Ethier (Arizona State University) if they're set on a position player. It does appear that the Phillies are set on stocking up on position players, so that's not out of the question. If they go pitching, look for college boys Tom Gorzelanny, Todd Nicholas, Aaron Marsden, Chris Schutt or possibly Bob McCrory. High schoolers include Richie Lentz, Brandon Belcher, Robbie Wooley or Jordan Pratt. The Pick: Andre Ethier - outfielder (Arizona State).

Round Five: The Phillies will likely have gone with position players with their first two picks. They won't be able to go three in a row, no matter how much they say they want hitters. High school pitcher Asher Demme should be available to the Phillies and would be a nice pick up. If not, assuming they stick with high school pitchers, watch for Cory Van Allen, Mike Crotta, Kyle Kendrick, Keith Weiser, Dave Shinski or Nathan Nery. Shinskie is from Mount Carmel high school, north of Philadelphia and the Phils do like to take guys who are from the area. Shinski would be a good pick, but not if Demme is available. The Pick: Asher Demme - pitcher (South Lakes High School).

If the draft goes this way, the Phillies would have gotten their catcher, a solid hitting outfielder and a young high school pitcher. Not bad for being without picks in the first two rounds of the draft.

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