Meet The Pitchers: Brett Myers

In the final installment of <I>Meet the Pitchers</I> we'll take a glance at the career of 'the future one', Brett Myers. Myers has been long heralded as the next Curt Schilling, and the future of this franchise. Early on in his career he looks to be living up to these expectations, and has been a rock n the Phillies starting rotation. Under the tutelage of Joe Kerrigan there is nowhere for Brett Myers to go but up.

Brett Myers was the Phillies first round draft pick of the 1999 draft and has been on a fast track to the Veterans Stadium pitching mound ever since. Larry Bowa thinks so highly of Myers that he saved the lineup card from his Major League debut last season at Wrigley Field against the Cubbies on July 24 of last season. It is ironic that Myers' debut came against Mark Prior, who was selected in the same draft, and is carrying similar hopes for the Chicago organization. The 22 year old became the first rookie in Scranton Red Barons team history to be the team's opening day starter. Someday Myers hopes to take the hill on opening day for the big club.

Myers is on his way to a career year in 2003, and is opening eyes throughout the majors. Sporting a 2.76 ERA and only allowing 54 hits in 71.2 innings, Myers is quickly becoming one of the most dominant pitchers on the Phillies staff. The scary part is that this kid is only going to get better. Although he is only 5-4 on the season his record is simply a reflection that the team has struggled to score runs on nights that Myers pitches.

Earlier this season Myers went up against Curt Schilling at Veterans Stadium and the two took part in a classic pitching duel that gave fans a look back at the past, and a glimpse into the promising future. Schilling obviously sees Myers' potential and has become his close friend and mentor. If Myers can become the type of pitcher that Schilling is then the sky's the limit for the Phillies with other guys like Gavin Floyd set to follow in Myers' footsteps to the majors.

Brett Myers is the product of a farm system that seems to be sending an endless line of hurlers to South Philadelphia, and is quickly becoming one of the most notable in all of baseball. If Myers lives up to the hype, the Phillies can build a staff around him. It's easy to see Myers being part of a scary Phillies rotation in years to come. Phillies fans, a starting rotation of Brett Myers, Curt Schilling, Randy Wolf and Gavin Floyd could be just around the corner. The future is bright in Philliesland, and one of the major pieces of that future is Brett Myers.

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