Phantasy Philes: Who Would Look Good On A Roster?

Chances are, you don't have a roster full of Phillies on your fantasy teams. So, we will once again check in with various guys around the league to see who could potentially help a fantasy team move up in the standings. Some of these players might be on waivers, others will have to be traded for, but all have a nice upside. I suggest opening up your team page in a different window in preparation for making some moves toward a title right now.

The first player our spotlight falls upon may seem like a no brainer, but you just might be able to get him at a reduced price right now. When Vladimir Guerrero went on the DL with a back problem, it was believed that he would stay there for at least a couple months. But now Vlad's doctor is singing a different tune. Upon further examination and treatment, Dr. Barth Green feels that Guerrero could return in about two weeks or so, which would have him back in the lineup before the All-Star break even. Vlad's health is so good right now, that he's even been cleared for baseball exercises by the Expos. If the Guerrero owner in your league has yet to find out about this recently moved up return date, you may want to try and sneak a trade offer in there before he hears the news. With the expectation that he'll be out for a few months, chances are he will be looking to move Vlad at a relatively cheap price for someone who is actually going to put up some stats over that period. Even if the guy with Guerrero does know about the new return date, you still might be able to get Vlad at a nice price. Some fantasy owners get really impatient when one of their stars hits the DL and suddenly become willing to trade them away in a deal that they wouldn't have even looked at a month ago. So, give it a try. The worst that can happen is nothing.

If it weren't for a few horrible starts, including one where he allowed nine runs in less than four innings, Carl Pavano would be getting a lot more attention from fantasy owners right now. At 6-8 with an ERA of 4.21 and a 1.15 WHIP, his season totals aren't exactly eye popping, but the former Expo is better than he seems at first. For one thing, he's done well in his last two starts, allowing just two runs and no walks in each outing. One of Pavano's biggest problems this season has been his inconsistency. You could almost say that he's been consistently inconsistent actually. Whenever it looks like he might be worth adding to your pitching staff, he bombs a start. Carl's biggest strength this year has been his ability to keep base runners to a minimum, especially when it comes to walks. With a WHIP at 1.15 and falling, it's a safe assumption that his ERA will start nearing the 3.00s before long. As soon as it looks like Pavano has his inconsistencies behind him, he will make a solid addition to any fantasy staff in need of help.

As if the Texas Rangers didn't have enough offense already, here comes Mark Teixiera. The 23 year old switch hitter has played every day for about a month now, and he's starting to put up the numbers to justify the bump in PT. On the season, Mark is hitting just .245, but that is largely due to his terrible .188 April. Since then, he's hit .282 in May and .260 in June, so continued improvement in the batting average category should be expected. Teixiera's most valuable attribute to fantasy owners has to be his power. In 208 at bats this season, Mark already has 10 homers and 35 RBIs. Along with the home run friendly Ballpark at Arlington, Teixiera has that crazy good offense around him, creating RBI opportunities left and right for him. If these are areas where your team needs some help, the young Ranger could make a solid waiver pick up.

Another hitter that's been quietly getting the job done is Chris Stynes. With a line of .288/7/45, he isn't exactly having the huge year that some would expect from a guy playing half his games at Coors, but at third base, he hasn't been all that bad. June has bee an especially good period for Stynes, hitting .379 since the start of the month. On pace for 15 homers and 93 RBIs this season, Chris is really just a need based add, meaning you should only grab him if you really need a third baseman pretty bad.

Speaking of need based adds, here's one for those of you looking for some steals. Up in Milwaukee is an outfielder named Scott Podsednik, who has only played in 19 major league games before this season, all of which with Seattle. However, in 67 games played this season, Podsednik is hitting .304 with three homers, 19 RBIs, and 14 steals (7th in the NL). Scott found himself in a starting role after the Brewers decided to trade away Alex Sanchez, and has made the most of his two months of every day play. Despite the sporadic play in April, Podsednik is still on pace for 31 steals this season, but that number should end up closer to 40 if he continues to do what he has in the last couple months.

Alright, that'll do it for this week folks. Next time we'll get back to discussing our Fightin' Phils. Until then, I'm out like Jeff Kent's wrist.

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