Phils Hope New Stadium Parallels Camden Yards

This backwards evolution in Major League ballparks that has been seen over the past decade began with Camden Yards and will continue when Citizens Bank Park opens next April. Teams are reverting back to the "Old time ballpark" when building new stadiums to house their teams in the future. Gone are the concrete giants of today, and here to stay are the illustrious ballparks of yesteryear.

When Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened its gates in 1992 it ushered in a new era in Major League ballparks. The race back in time had begun and every team intended on returning the game of baseball back to its grass roots. Each ballpark in America now has the unique feel of days gone by with beautiful grass and dirt feels, spectacular views of what's beyond the outfield wall, and the smells and tastes of hot dogs, fresh beer and the baseball atmosphere the way it was meant to be.

Nestled within the beautiful Baltimore Inner-Harbor, Camden Yards is unique because it was built on an old railroad yard, and a nostalgic brick warehouse remains as part of the stadium's structure and the centerpiece of one of the game's great outdoor concourses. The warehouse isn't the only feature that gives this field of dreams a wistful feel. A beautiful view of downtown Baltimore is just beyond the centerfield wall. Overall this ballpark is one made for a picture post-card.

The Phillies hope that someday in the very near future, they will have a ballpark that eclipses Camden Yards, and becomes the most prestigious in the game. David Montgomery hopes that fans strolling through Ashburn Alley will have memories evoked from time spent at Connie Mack Stadium, and will gain the total baseball experience. Complete with the smells of Bulls Barbecue, and the sound of a sold out crowd cheering on the hometown Phils, Citizens Bank Park will put Philadelphia baseball back on the map.

When Citizens Bank Park is completed, it will have several similarities to Camden Yards. Both will put fans closer to the action then ever before, while restoring the feelings fans had when attending their first baseball game. Ashburn Alley will rival Eutaw Street as the greatest concourse in America. Each will have unique double deck bullpens so fans can watch either team's pitchers warm up, and both will return fans to the stands in cities passionate about our National Pastime.

So for those of you taking the trip down I-95 this weekend be sure to take a stroll down Eutaw Street. Once there, close your eyes. Close them, and just smell the Barbecue along with the freshly cut grass and listen to the crowd filing into their seats. Keep those images in your mind, because in less then one year, that will be the atmosphere at Citizens Bank Park.

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