IronPigs' Brown not frustrated by injuries

There's no denying that Domonic Brown has faced his share of injuries. This season has seemingly been one injury after another, but he's keeping his head up as he deals with his latest setback.

Domonic Brown is generally one of the most upbeat players that you will find in the Phillies organization. He routinely flashes a smile and has a good time doing what he's doing.

The latest injury was described by Brown as a "mild sprain," but has been reported as being a strain of the MCL and PCL in his right knee.

Even though he's spent a lot of time out of the lineup this season because of injuries - this is his third injury of the season - Brown isn't letting that ruin his mood or his approach to the game.

"I really don't look at it like that [as being frustrating], I really don't," explained Brown. "Injuries are part of baseball and it's all part of the ball game. I kind of look at things differently, that's just me as a person."

Brown explained that he initially injured the knee making a diving catch on the warning tract at Coca-Cola Park in the final game of the last homestand. The knee was nagging him, but not enough to keep him out of the lineup until he twisted the knee during an at-bat Thursday night and felt the knee "lock-up" when he tried to run. He jogged down the first base line and stayed in the game defensively, but was unable to chase down a fly ball into left center and was pulled from the game at the end of that inning.

"I was just going to play through it. Injuries are part of the game and I didn't think it was too serious," confessed Brown. "But the swelling came and I can't do anything about that. Once we get the swelling down, we'll see where we're at."

The injury came at a bad time, because Brown was hitting the ball well and there were starting to be some whispers that perhaps another call-up to Philadelphia could be on the horizon. The fact that Brown was playing some centerfield and was handling the position well boded well for him, since he could now play all three outfield positions, increasing his chance to get at-bats with the big league club. Even so, Brown is undaunted by the setback.

"It's no big deal to me," explained Brown when he was asked about the extent of the injury. "Seems like you guys [the media] are more stressed out about it than me."

Don't take Brown's nonchalant attitude as not caring about being in the lineup. Brown is adamant about getting and staying healthy, but he knows that taking a doom and gloom attitude isn't going to help his situation.

The fact remains though that Brown has shown himself to be injury-prone. Just this season, he has suffered a hamstring injury and a hyper-extended knee in addition to his latest ailment. Last season, Brown suffered a broken hamate bone and missed the first month of the season and in 2010, missed time with a concussion. Prior to that, Brown had suffered a broken finger during the 2009 season. The injuries actually date back to his early high school days when he broke his right ankle playing football.

It's worth noting that some of Brown's injuries - including the latest one - are part of Brown's all-out approach to the game and a testament to how hard he plays. It's also worth noting that the broken hamate bone was a result of being hit by a pitch, which is sometimes impossible to avoid.

The upside is that when he's been on the field, Brown is showing signs of his old self and was hitting the ball well even while battling the nagging knee injury.

With any luck, Brown will be back on the field before long, because there is no denying that the IronPigs lineup is much different without him. There's also no denying that a healthy Brown, swinging the bat like he's able, might be a nice part of the Phillies lineup down the road.

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