Pitching Prospects: Relievers

Starting pitchers are the real strength of the Phillies minor league organization, but there are some pretty good relievers coming through the system. The problem though, is that with the Phillies possibly in the market for a closer at some point in the near future, there are few closer candidates and the candidates that are there, aren't close to being major league ready. The Phillies do believe though that there are some good young relievers, who can help in other parts of the bullpen soon.

Geoff Geary almost got to make his major league debut recently. When the Phillies weren't sure if Brandon Duckworth would wind up on the DL after taking a ground ball off his forearm, the Phillies brought Geary into Baltimore to hang with the club until they could determine Duckworth's fate. It turned out that Duckworth was okay and Geary returned to Scranton. The Phillies have other young pitchers at Scranton that might be ready for their major league debuts. Of course, they've also got veteran Wayne Gomes, who has been Scranton's closer this season.

Ryan Hutchison is one of the better closer candidates in the system, but he just arrived in Reading this season after starting the year at Clearwater. Reading's Frank Brooks is also a closer candidate, who simply needs more minor league work. Yoel Hernandez and Will Glen aren't necessarily closer candidates, but have pitched well out of the Reading bullpen.

Clearwater's Bobby Korecky is another candidate for the closer of the future title. Korecky was splitting the job with Hutchison before Hutchison's promotion to AA. The rest of Clearwater's bullpen is pretty solid as well with Eude Brito, Taft Cable and Matt Squires all having good seasons.

At Lakewood, there's another closer candidate in Beau Richardson.

Below Lakewood, the Phillies are slow to label any of their young pitchers as true closer candidates and will generally spread the wealth when it comes to save opportunities. Still, they feel that they have a few young pitchers who could also develop into closers or at least solid bullpen pitchers. Dan Hodges, Justin Libey and Caleb McConnell are among the young pitchers who the Phillies will keep a close eye on.

PhillyBaseballNews.com Top 20 Relief Prospects

  1. Bobby Korecky
  2. Frank Brooks
  3. Geoff Geary
  4. Ryan Hutchison
  5. Greg Kubes
  6. Beau Richardson
  7. Taft Cable
  8. Jeremy Wedel
  9. Yoel Hernandez
  10. Eude Brito
  11. Matt Squires
  12. Dan Giese
  13. Cary Hiles
  14. Will Glen
  15. Dan Hodges
  16. Caleb McConnell
  17. Brad Overton
  18. Justin Libey
  19. Matt Padilla
  20. Cory Schultz

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