Overall, Phils do well in signing draft picks

The Phillies 2012 Draft consisted of no first round picks for the team and was the first with a quicker signing deadline than usual and spending limits for each team. Overall, the Phillies came through it all with a nice group of young players.

Of their first 15 picks in the draft, the Phillies were able to sign 14 of the players they selected. The lone refugee being second round pick Alec Rash, an 18-year old 6'5" right-hander. The Phillies offered Rash $500,000, which was about all they had left under the new slotting system. Instead, Rash will attend the University of Missouri this fall.

The Phillies will receive another second round pick in next year's draft as compensation for not being able to sign Rash.

Taking an even deeper look into the Phillies draft, they were able to sign 24 of their 42 picks, but most of the unsigned players - 15 of the 18 - were drafted after the 25th round.

Four of the players taken in the June Draft have already reached as high as Low-A Lakewood. Hoby Milner (LHP, 7th round), Josh Ludy (C, 8th round), Zach Cooper (RHP, 15th round) and Tim Carver (SS,19th round) are all at Lakewood. First baseman Chris Serritella, the Phillies fourth round pick, is at Williamsport but will likely be heading for Lakewood soon.

Top pick Shane Watson (40th overall), a high schooler out of Lakewood, California is in extended camp, while second pick Mitch Gueller (54th overall) has made two starts for the Gulf Coast League Phillies and has a 5.40 ERA. Gueller, a high school right-hander, threw two shutout innings in his first start and then three earned runs in three innings in his second start.

There were some draft analysts who were surprised that Watson and Gueller were still around when the Phillies made their first two picks. It was thought that both could be late first round picks coming into the draft.

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