Phillies rumor round-up: Updated 3:15 p.m.

Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence are goners and the Phillies might still be working on other moves. We've got all of the current rumors in one place, along with a look at which players might still be headed elsewhere.

We've put the rumors with the most likelihood of happening at the top of the list and will try to keep you updated on whether or not the rumors seem to have any legs. All info updated from original post is in bold.

Joe Blanton: The Phillies and Orioles have been going back and forth on a deal for Blanton. The on-again, off-again talks are definitely on-again as time is winding down. The Phillies appear to have lowered their expectations on what they'll get in exchange and the Orioles are scurrying for a starting pitcher, so things are coming around again on a potential deal.

The Phillies had initially asked for infielder Jonathan Schoop (see below) straight-up for Blanton. The Phillies would also want the O's to pick up the remaining money on Blanton's deal (approx $3 million) for the rest of the year. For their part, the O's don't want to deal Schoop and they also don't want to pick up all of the salary. The good news for the Phillies is that there are now four or five other teams who have called about Blanton. The Blue Jays are one of those teams and the Phillies have an interest in Sean Nolin (see below).

Juan Pierre: There hasn't been much talk about Juan Pierre today. The Reds and/or Pirates might still have some interest, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk.

Ty Wigginton: This deal has been on-again, off-again too, with the Yankees being interested. Problem is that the Yankees, and other clubs, believe that Wigginton will be able to slide through waivers if they still need him in August.

Cliff Lee: With less than an hour to go before the Trade Deadline, the Phillies officially pulled Lee off the trade market. That's not to say that they won't revisit the possibility over the winter. Lee gets the start tonight against Stephen Strasburg in Washington.

One thing to remember with the Phillies. Their history under Ruben Amaro Jr. shows that many times, it's the things that are not highly rumored that come to pass. Remember the Cliff Lee signing? Remember the deal to get Roy Halladay? There wasn't a whole lot of talk on those deals leading up to the official move. In other words, don't count anything out.

Players the Phillies are interested in obtaining:

Chase Headley (San Diego) is an up-and-coming third baseman who already has major league experience and would benefit greatly by getting out of the great expanse of Petco Park. His home run numbers would certainly go up at Citizens Bank Park and he would be a nice fit in the Phillies lineup.

Sean Nolin (Toronto) is a 22-year old left-hander pitching at High-A Dunedin for Toronto this season. He has made 13 starts (technically, 14, but one wasn't a start since a rehabbing pitcher made the official start) and is 8-0, 2.27 this season. Nolin is one of those kids who wasn't highly thought of coming into the season, but he's opening some eyes.

In three minor league seasons, Nolin is 12-6, 3.25 in 46 games - 41 starts - in the Jays organization.

Mike Olt (Texas) is a big, strong kid who is blocked by Adrian Beltre in the Rangers organization. He's at AA right now, but is ready to move up to AAA and could potentially be in the majors next season.

Jonathan Schoop (Baltimore) is young, but can fit at second, third or short and has played at all three positions. The 21-year old has been playing primarily at second base at AA this season and is 12-43-.244/.301/.391 this season. Most scouts believe that Schoop will have average power and hit somewhere in the .260 to .270 range once he puts it all together.

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