Top 50 Prospects: 21-30 is proud to bring you our mid-season update of the Top 50 Prospects in the Phillies organization. Keep in mind that it's difficult to judge players who were just drafted this past June, but we've done our best. We have not included any players who have not yet signed with the Phillies, such as fourth round pick Michael Bourn. We have included second baseman Tim Moss, who just signed after being selected in the third round of this year's draft.

21. Josh Hancock, P – The Red Sox sent Hancock to the Phillies in the Jeremy Giambi trade. The Phillies believe that Hancock has a bright future. Unfortunately, Hancock has had some nagging injuries that have slowed him a little.

22. Greg Kubes, P – One of the many relievers that don't get a lot of the spotlight. Kubes is a lefty and may find his way into the Phillies 2004 bullpen.

23. Jean Machi, P – Machi hasn't become a household name to Phillies fans, but it's likely that as he climbs the ladder, he'll become talked about a lot more. The Phillies have Machi at Batavia and he's off to a slow start with an ERA of 5.56, but the Phillies know that he'll get stronger as he develops.

24. Yoel Hernandez, P – The 23 year old Hernandez has pitched in 31 games – second only to Frank Brooks – for the Reading Phillies. Hernandez thrives on getting work and they think that after a season at AAA in 2004, he'll be a legitimate contender for the major league squad.

25. Danny Gonzalez, SS – Gonzalez needs some work defensively, but his offense is already in high gear. In 77 games, Gonzalez has committed 12 errors, but has hit to a .283 average at Clearwater.

26. Nick Bourgeois, P – Not only do the Phillies have a good amount of pitchers coming through the system, there are a number of left-handers coming through. Bourgeois is a lefty that the Phillies have in the rotation at Lakewood and they believe that he could progress into a middle of the rotation type starter in the majors.

27. Eric Junge, P – Junge has been in Philadelphia a few times this season, but hasn't been able to stay there very long. Instead, he's not only shuttled back-and-forth between Philadelphia and Scranton, he's had to shuttle between the rotation and the bullpen. On the upside, he's adjusted well and has made himself into a prospect partly because of his flexibility.

28. Matt Sweeney, P – Another of the lower level pitchers that the Phillies can't wait to see at higher levels. Sweeney is a perfect example of a guy that the Phillies of old would have rushed and pushed. Now, they're willing to be patient and let him take his time getting through the system. Sweeney has been saddled with a 2-9 record thanks to the weak Lakewood offense, but his 3.87 ERA shows his real potential.

29. Beau Richardson, P – Yes, another young pitcher. Richardson is one of the few "closers of the future" in the Phillies organization. The lefty has saved eight games and pitched in a team high 31 games for the Lakewood BlueClaws with a 2.85 ERA.

30. Jeremy Isenhower, 2B – One of the few decent position player prospects at Lakewood, Isenhower is hitting .267 with nine stolen bases. The Phillies have toyed with the idea of moving Isenhower to the outfield.

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