The Wacky Bunch Returns

They were misfits and rejects. Players who were thrown back from other organizations, and played the game the way it was supposed to be played: hard. The 1993 Phillies had it all. From Macho row, to the stability of Kevin Stocker, Mickey Morandini and Jim Eisenreich, that team was a team like no other. With chemistry and heart, that club willed its way to the National League pennant and this weekend, the group will reunite to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their achievements.

More spit than polish, more grit then glitter, the 1993 Phillies were a team that no Philadelphian will ever forget. There were many a game that lasted into early the next morning and that season turned into a game of survival of the fittest. With beer guts and goatees the club found a way to get the job done, night after night. With memories such as Mitch Williams' RBI hit at 2:00 am against the Padres, to the Phillies finally clinching the division in Pittsburgh, the '93 team burned it's image into the psyche of the Philadelphia sports fan.

That group personified the city of Brotherly love, and it's cast of characters could not have depicted any city better then they did Philadelphia. There was the couch potato (John Kruk), the enforcer (Darren Daulton) and the scary guy who you knew could blow it or make you look like a hero (Mitch Williams) and of course the manager Jim Fregosi who turned this bunch loose and guided them to the World Series. That team had everything, and most importantly they had fun while winning nearly every day that season.

Not only did this team have its crew of crazies, but there were some unsung heroes as well. Larry Andersen groomed a young pitching staff, which included the likes of Curt Schilling, Danny Jackson and Tommy Green and did so with the humor that sent him to the broadcasting booth shortly after the end of his career. Mariano Duncan was a sparkplug, he took advantage of every chance he got to play, and even won a game on his own, on mothers day with a walk off home run. From top to bottom, this team opened the eyes of fans across the country and couldn't have done so without the cohesiveness it shared.

That group may not have had the most talent, or the most smarts, but what it had was heart. There was a game that season that lit a fire under their collective butts and motivated them the rest of the way. The San Francisco Giants were handing it to the Phils in a rain soaked night at the Vet, and the starting pitcher spiked the ball after making an out. Lets just say that he would do no more spiking the rest of the night. The Phightins came back and won that game and it gave them the momentum they needed in the second half of the year.

The season began with a sweep against Houston on the road, and finished with a home run that still irks hardcore Phillies fans everywhere. From the first pitch of the 1993 season until Joe Carter's home run hit the left field seats, Macho Row gave Philadelphians a summer to remember. Sure that home run was a dagger to the hearts of thousands, but the memories shared between fans and players alike still live on, and overshadow the heartbreaking end of that magical season.

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